Show and Tell Friday

Today is SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. All participants in the swap earn 5 House Points for posting a progress picture of the socks they are knitting for their Hogwarts Pal. The Slytherins are currently in the lead with my House, Gryffindor, following closely behind.

The HUFFLEPUFF colors are black and yellow so I’m obviously knitting for a Hufflepuff! There are 30 Hufflepuffs in the swap so if you are a Hufflepuff reader these socks may be for you!

PATTERN: Horcrux Socks

YARN: Louet Opal Sportweight


I prefer to knit both socks at the same time but not on circular needles. These are Dobby socks, mirror image, of each other. I would have no qualms about wearing mis-matched socks in public so I am hoping my Hogwarts Pal is not uneasy about this. I decided that if one is brave enough to wear Hogwart socks then one would be brave enough to wear mis-matched socks! These socks should be finished and on my pal’s feet by the Order of the Phoenix movie opening. That being said, I’m running dangerously close to running out of yarn and may need to order some more.

I’m enjoying this pattern, however I will say that I have found two errors in it. In hindsight, I would change the heel. A stockinette heel is not my favorite heel and I don’t think it will be very durible.

We are having incredible fun at Hogwarts these days! Round TWO of the Hogwarts Sock Swap will run August 1- October 31. If you think you might want to participate then mark your calendar for the July 14th sign-up day — it will fill up fast! BTW, the Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress is awesome!

14 Comments on “Show and Tell Friday

  1. I really really love your socks hopefully they’re mine 🙂

  2. Your socks look great!! I love that your making Dobby socks!!

  3. I love reverse image socks! I have several pair, and I wear mine with pride. They are beautiful, and love the colors btw.

  4. Oohh, as a quasi-supporter of SPEW (I’m not sure setting all the house elves free is such a good idea considering the secrets they keep and how unhappy it might make them, but I’m all for improving their working conditions and treating them with respect and kindness), I would totally wear those! I hope they’re mine!

  5. That’s a great swap button. Love the reverse socks — too fun!

  6. They look great. I hope you post a closeup before you send them.

  7. The socks look great – altho’ I am not a Harry Potter fan but I still love the colors of the socks.

  8. Gorgeous socks! I think I might have to knit all my socks Dobby-style from now on 😉

  9. Lovely! And I’m glad you think my pal will like her socks 😉

  10. Great lookin’ socks! I went out of town friday, but I’m trying to work my way through the pages.

    You were only joking about the points for gryffindor, right?? I’m a ravenclaw – my secret pal’s the gryff.

  11. Yep, that Deputy Headmistress sure is awesome. As are those socks, I’m sure your pal will love them 😉

  12. I would love for you to join the Southern Reading Challenge! It’s not too late! 😀

  13. What cute socks! I like the mirror image which are becoming very popular everywhere.

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