Reflection Tuesday ~ Musical Instruments

If you learned to play a musical instrument, tell me your memories of lessons, practice, and your music teacher. If not, what instrument did you want to play and why?

Me? After failing miserably in the fifth grade with the flute I moved on to another woodwind instrument, the clarinet.

My clarinet and I had many happy years together. I attended a school with a highly competitive music department. Competition was a regular occurence and I did not mind ithis since most competition was done as one orchestra against another. Now, on the other hand, I absolutely hated it when another clarinet player “challenged” my chair in the orchestra. The ability to loose my place on the second row if I lost a challenge kept me on my toes and I practiced a lot. I don’t recall ever loosing a challenge.

What a glorious feeling it was when the conductor raised his baton and when it was lowered my ‘note’ came out as many notes! Magical! It stirred my soul! I have many silly memories of splitting reeds during performances, rendering the instrument useless, and ‘faking’ that I was playing . That I could do, but have me march across a football field faking it and I was all giggles.

I still have my clarinet but it only squeaks for me these days…..due to the player, not the instrument. Going to symphony concerts is one of my favorite things to do!

So how about you? Did YOU play an instrument?

11 Comments on “Reflection Tuesday ~ Musical Instruments

  1. I started playing the violin at age 6. I stopped in college. It now squeaks for me also. I still have all my music, and I enjoy looking it over, but my hands just won’t let me play!

  2. My dad made me start playing the violin when I was 10, we had an orchestra program in our school district. I played from 4th grade until I started 9th, when we moved to a new district that only offered band and choir. My dad said I had to choose a music class, and that choir wasn’t an option, so I approached the band teacher, who was awesome and let me join the band with no band experience, and I chose the clarinet, then a few months later learned the alto sax. I stuck with those until I graduated, and althought I no longer play the clarinet or sax, I did love being part of that wind ensemble and the marching band. I do still have my violin, though, and although I can’t play it for other people, I do like to play it for myself (well, when it gets the repair job it needs that is lol). Sorry for the lengthy comment!!!!!

  3. clarinet and violin.
    it is amazing of the taste of reeds and smell of rosin stay with you

  4. My primary instrument was piano. I played first chair clarinet as well as a little sax and oboe in the high school and marching bands.

  5. I played the violin in 4th and 5th grade, but didn’t like how I had to position my arms, so I quit. Then, I took up clarinet from 6th thru 12th grade. I hated to practice, but finally really started to practice in 11th grade. I thought about trying out for band in college, but I totally wimped out. I still have my clarinet and play it for my daughter from time to time, she thinks it’s so cool!

  6. My sister played the clarinet! I played the flute, sax, violin and piano.

  7. I only played the recorder in High School back when I was growing up in England, but I have always wanted to play the clarinet, I find it a beautiful sound.

    I came across your blog while surfing and you sure are inspiring me to try knitting my first socks, they just look so fun.

    Also, I read “The Secret Life of Bees” and absolutely loved it. I also read “The Mermaid Chair” by the same author which was pretty good too if you want to check it out šŸ™‚

  8. I played piano for a while. Then my parents gutted the house to remodel it — while we lived in it! — and the piano was pushed against the wall with the keys inward. I had to quit my lessons since I couldn’t practice. I still played for myself and enjoyed that.

  9. I attempted violin in grade school. My dad taught himself to play that beautiful instrument and I wanted to be just like him. In many ways, I am. But not with the violin. Next, I took up acoustic guitar. Ummmmm… similar results. Turns out my strong desire to play an instrument isn’t strong enough to make me practice. I am hearing the siren song of the piano though.

  10. I played the flute for one year when I was in 5th grade, I sucked soooo freaking bad my parents made me practice outside!! (really, I was really really bad, and would make my kids do the same if they sounded like I did! *L*) I taught myself how to play the bango when I was in 8th grade and could play a few songs, none of which I remember now!

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