Trying out WordPress

Welcome to my new blog.  After much deliberation, I have decided to give WordPress a try.  I have been happy with Blogger with the exception of one feature they lack, the ability to respond to comments left on your blog.

I have many people leaving comments that I would like to reply back to and I feel outright rude when I am unable to do so.  It took me forever to feel comfortable with Blogger and so I am not looking forward to learning something new.  Please be patient with me as I get my feet wet with WordPress.

That being said, please leave me a comment and I will RESPOND back to you!  🙂

19 Comments on “Trying out WordPress

  1. Hi Rebecca – It looks like everything transferred over beautifully! A lovely new home!

  2. Love the look of the new blog. It didn’t take me long to get to grips with it but if you need any help just e-mail me and i’ll help (if I can)

  3. how did you move your posts over? (and everything else?) I might want to move, too.

  4. you have to PAY to customize it? I don’t think so! Oh well, Blogger is working well for me, I was just wishing, like you, that I could respond to comments.

  5. I am impressed! How did you do the move? Was it painful? Cost involved with WordPress? I picked blogger as it looked simple. I might have to explore this myself. I like the new look.

  6. I use the WordPress software (on my own server) and I love it. There are a lot of neat things about the software. I hope you like it.

  7. I love the new blog. I like WordPress, I don’t use WordPress though, I have a 1 year contract with Typepad :(. But I like the features that WordPress offers–especially the WordPress Pages and the top naviation bar option in some of the templates.

    I hope you enjoy your new home 🙂

  8. I am the same way. I didn;t want t o learn anything new, so I just added Haloscan comments to my blog. Took only a few clicks, and now I can reply to comments….and I didn’t have to leave blogger!

  9. I love learning new stuff but anything computer? Yikes! You have my sympathies! The wordpress blog looks good.

  10. I LIKE !!
    I am getting use to WordPress also. I like it. How do you get the little icons down the side? Mine is so plain, but you can change themes. I like yours. Have you tried the “avatar”? I guess it’s a tiny picture you chose and upload that shows up on any comments you make in WordPress.
    🙂 Still waiting to see the finished Mystery Monkey Socks, but I know you are busy with your new blog site.

  11. I want to switch from Blogger, too, so I’ll be watching you and would like to know how user-friendly WordPress is. Good luck! Already I like that you can have a calendar, which I covet and have tried to find for our blogger blog, with no luck.

  12. Your new blog looks really nice & already everything is up & running – that’s efficient. I have the same problem as I really want to reply to the comments, so I leave a comment on that person’s blog. Now I have to take a look at WordPress.

  13. I just subscribed to the new site with bloglines – I was the 1st one!! So if you are going to stay here, I’m all set to see what’s up!!

  14. Howdy Ma’am! Just popped over to check out your new digs. Love the pretty blue.

    Regarding the suggestive comment you left on my blog… you’ll be delighted to know I have some in the works… have been keeping quiet about them, but let me know if you’d like to see a progress pic.

  15. How did you figure out how to put buttons in the sidebar?
    Wordpress makes it so easy to reply to comments, your going to love it here 🙂

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