Colorado Trekking Adventures

Colorado’s Florissant Valley lies 35 miles west of Colorado Springs on the flanks of Pikes Peak. To the north and east, the Rocky Mountains dominate the skyline. To the west lies high meadow land with large expanses of undulating native grasses so beautiful that early fur trappers to the area referred to it as a park. In the summer the grassy meadows are filled with the colored mists of thousands of wild flowers.  This valley is my home.



In the center of this lush valley stands the Hornbek homestead complex, the home of a strong, determined woman who came to the area with her four children in the 1870s. Claiming land under the Homestead Act, Adeline Hornbek defied traditional gender roles to become the owner of a prosperous ranch.

I’m not sure how much knitting Adeline Hornbeck was able to do on her homestead.  I suspect she was busy not only doing the chores of a frontier woman but also the chores of a mountain man!  I highly respect this mountain woman who paved the frontier for those of us ‘less hardy’ women who followed in her footsteps a century later!  I much prefer the leisure of sitting and knitting socks in my log cabin to the sun-up-to-sun-down-keep-this-homestead-running responsibilities of Mrs. Hornbeck!  This valley dips way below zero degrees in the wintertime so I know this woman had one tough life!

Inspired by the cabins in my area – old, new and my own small-house.jpg, I selected ‘Cabin Fever’ Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn to knit my first Colorado Trekking Adventure socks.  I guess when one moves to the Rocky Mountains one MUST live in a log cabin for they are everywhere.  I would surmise that 7 out of 10 homes are log homes and mine is no exception.


Pattern:  Cable Rib Socks from Favorite Socks by Nancy Bush

Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill (Cabin Fever)

Needles:  2.25mm

Unfortunately, the busy colors in this yarn do not show the sock pattern very well.  At some point, I will probably knit this pattern over again and, when I do, will use a solid color.  I did not carry the cable all the way down the foot as the pattern specified because I could not understand the directions.  After I was well down the foot I decided the cable crossed over on either side of the instep and gusset which seemed odd to me… time round there will be a cable all the way down the foot

13 Comments on “Colorado Trekking Adventures

  1. We take the southern route from Oklahoma thru the Texas panhandle thru Raton Pass and up I-25 to get to the Springs. When we are driving on I-25 past Trinidad before Walsenberg my mind always drifts to the grassy expanses and wonder how the pioneers lived in that area, coping with the winds and the snow and the freezing temps. Makes me know they had more tenacity than I’ve ever dreamed of. 🙂

  2. The socks look great. I am always doing socks where the pattern doesn’t show up very well but I mainly just like the pattern to make sure they are the same size. I can’t wait to see where the green socks will take us.

  3. The socks look great even without the cable down the foot. The colors really fo very well with the cabin – so rich & warm!

  4. What a lovely place to live. Your socks are all lovely. The color and pattern of the cable socks are wonderful. And the sock monkey socks are just too fun.

  5. I agree with you that a solid color yarn might show off the pattern better, but I do like these colors! Makes me think of a chocolated-covered cherry!

  6. Great job on your socks! I love how the yarn swirls like a river around the calf of the socks.

  7. Your are so very lucky to live in such a glorious place , it must give you inspiration to knit beautiful things. I often think that it would be wonderful to ‘ go back to the land ‘ and live a simple life , but then reality kicks in , where would we be without water on tap and electricity ?

  8. ohhh I love your valley! Looks soo peaceful!
    Your socks turned out great, I made these socks for my nanny in a plain blue last summer.

  9. Hey there! I forgot that since you moved, my bloglines is no longer going to tell me when you post. So, just stopped by to check in on you… Glad I did. Your colorado valley is indeed a beaut!, as is your home, and yes – your socks too! Gorgeous

    How’s the MHC coming?? Started yet?

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