Ravelry.  WOW!  That is just about the only word that comes to mind as I browse the site.  It will be every obsessive-compulsive-knitter’s dream tool and, I fear, will also become the conscience of us all!


I received my long awaited invitation the day after coming home from a three day retreat with some girlfriends.  It was wonderful!  We went to some property down in southern Colorado.  The scenery is different down there.  There was lots of time for fun and lots of time for solitude and prayer. 


My Ravelry invitation was perfect timing for me!  I had lots of time to evaluate many areas of my life and one of those areas was knitting.  I hadn’t PLANNED to evaluate this area, however, after casually mentioning to my friends that I had no less than four sweaters on the sticks that needed to be finished by Christmas, the astonished looks on their faces alone told me it was time to EVALUATE!  These are non-knitting friends.  Well, actually most of them knit but ever so often NOT every day. 

Friends are great, are they not.  Especially when they are silent.  When are women ever silent?  Their silence alone made me feel like some crazed, obsessed knitting fiend who never finishes anything.  Of course YOU all know that I have far more WIPs and UFOs around my home.  And, I discovered when I got home to make a list of my sweaters that I don’t have FOUR sweaters on the sticks, I have far more………………….let’s just say it is a number greater than four but less than 10.

RAVELRY…………………here I come.  Say, if you want to be my FRIEND on Ravelry, my name on is socksformum.

5 Comments on “Ravelry

  1. What is your username on Ravelry? I’m PAKnitWit there as well — I’ll look for you to add you to my friends!

  2. Four sweaters, that’s nothing! 🙂 I love the picture of the tree, how amazing!

  3. Your retreat sounds wonderful!
    So far, I’m avoiding Ravelry, but I’m sure I’ll cave at some point….

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