Short Row Accomplishment


I selected Priscilla’s Dream Socks , from Favorite Socks, for my Hogwart Pal because it is supposedly a well-fitting sock and easy to knit.  My pal’s feet are wider than mine and I wanted to make sure it would fit her feet…..I guess I will find out SOON!  My pal is a Slytherin so I knit her socks in the Slytherin colors of green and silver.

Unfortunately, I have been in SHORT-ROW HEEL class all day long!  After several leaps into the frog pond, I finally decided to look on-line for a tutorial and found one on Purlwise’s site.  This will not be the first time her well photographed tutorials have helped me climb out of that wretched frog pond!  So as of 3:00 this afternoon, I have successfully knit my first short-row heel!  YAY!  I have one more short-row adventure waiting for me at the end of the foot, a short-row TOE!

These socks need to be flying by muggle mail this weekend to my pal.  The owl is on sabbatical.

8 Comments on “Short Row Accomplishment

  1. Congrats on making your way through your first short-row heel. I am in love with them and make most socks toe-up with short row heels.

  2. Your short row heel looks fantastic! I’ll have to check out that tutorial. Short row heels are hard for me too.

  3. great job on the heel, i’ve yet to attempt the short row heel.
    I’m still drooling over your sock needles, are those rose wood????

  4. Congrats! I just love shortrow heels now that my fear has subsided. Another technique is offered in “Move your Fanny” a pattern available on the Socktopia site. It seems even easier to me then PDS.

  5. That heel is indeed lovely. Beautiful socks. I hope the toe goes smoothly, with no more trips to the frog pond.

  6. Your short row heel looks much nicer than mine. Well done. The socks look quite nice.

    You don’t really have to do the short row toe you know. You could always just decide to do a regular toe. The weird toe in PDS leaves a seam which I think is yucky!

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