One of my Hogwart Prefects, Clidonia Acromantula, recently told me about three Harry Potter socks featured on the Socktopia site.  These three patterns, Nagini, Bellatrix and Fawkes made my personal top list for creativity!  And, the whole Socktopia concept made me long to join this group of clever knitters. 

Socktopia is a year long theme based sock KAL. The goal is to have 12 finished socks by the end of the year.
Instead of everyone knitting the same pattern, you knit a theme. Each month five new themes will be annouced.  You just pick one and start knitting!! There really is no wrong way to play, as long as you explain how your socks matches the theme you picked.

Finshed socks are then posted on their Socktopia Flickr page.  And, there is even a Socktopia Group on Ravelry!  Each month they have a give-away and a real time game.  Doesn’t that sound like a blast??  I signed up, yes I did!

Not only did I sign up immediately, I ran to my stash cabinet and pulled out my Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in the FLAME colorway and cast on FAWKES!  I always knew I would find a pattern for that yarn and the colors are just PERFECT for this Fawkes pattern!


Why is my yarn selection PERFECT for this pattern?  The colors alone are the same as Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore’s pet phoenix.  And the Lorna Lace’s colorway, FLAME, reminded me that Fawkes regenerates by bursting into ‘flames’. The FAWKES pattern uses a stitch motif called the Phoenix Stitch and it is supposed to remind one of a rising flame on a garter rib background.  It is fun to knit!


I just may have to knit through the weekend and finish these fun socks!  And then when I’m finished I may need to cast on Nagini and Bellatrix.  Oh wait, wasn’t there A BOOK I am supposed to be reading?

15 Comments on “FAWKES

  1. I also thought Fawkes would be the PERFECT pattern for my LL Flames yarn. Unfortunately, I’ve resolved to ONLY knit with non-wool for Summer of Socks. Seeing yours though may cause me to break my resolution.

  2. The Fawkes socks are great! Your colors are wonderful. I’ve been carrying the pattern around waiting for the right moment to start.

    Thanks for adding my name to the Hogwarts roll…and indeed I am a thumb and so is my Hogwarts pal!

  3. I love your socks! The colors are “bloody brilliant” (to quote Ron Weasley). I will be looking for you Ravelry-I’m about 300 people out from my invite. Thanks for hosting such as great swap. All your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  4. I think that is the perfect coloured yarn for your Fawkes socks 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the completed pair.

  5. Oh…that looks lovely! I have a Fawkes colorway from Sunshine Yarns that I want to try with the pattern. But first, Bellatrix in the Lord Voldemort colorway…pretty crazy for a loyal Gryffindor, don’t you think!

  6. Rebecca –

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog regarding Fawkes. If I had had Flame in my stash, I would have used it! I love that colorway, but am currently on a yarn diet and really found it necessary to use what I had. I currently have Bellatrix on the needles, with one sock done, and am planning to cast on Nagini after that. I’m on Ravelry too, having received my invite only 9 days ago and it’s taking over my life!! I saw that you have done Nancy Bush’s Spey Valley socks. Aren’t her patterns great! I’ll look forward to seeing the progress on your HP socks!

  7. Hi Rebecca, You are just as busy as ever. I enjoyed catching up with you. Everything is so lovely.

  8. I have a question about following the charted pattern. I’ve never followed a chart before and am having so much trouble getting the pattern right.
    You read right to left ..correct?
    The repeat is 15 stitches…so there will be a P to end one repeat then you start the next with another P right?
    The even rows are K.
    How do you keep track of where you are in the pattern when you pick it back up?
    I’m using Fingerwt. yarn ..will the sock be too small?
    If you can give me a hand I’d sure appreciate it…I’ve swatched and swatched for practice and it just looks bad.

  9. I have been a Socktopian since the beginning, I actually test knit for Momma as well. Her patterns are numerous and all are very wonderful. The pic I posted on HSS 2 is one of her patterns, Eleanor. It is a terrific place to be signed up.

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