Mystery Monkey Socks Finished


Meet my adorable Mystery Monkey that Ronnie sent me earlier this year in Monkey Sock Swap ONE.  This little monkey has been hanging on to the Mystery Monkey Sock Pattern since the beginning of that swap.  With only good intentions, I began posting a monkey sock pattern that I had designed in installments for the participants in the swap.  These installments were intended to be spread out over four weeks but I let life get in the way of posting the instructions.  So, I have been a bad poster of mystery instructions…or so my little monkey tells me!

Little monkey is happy now…………….the last instructions have been posted and here is a picture of the Mystery Monkey Socks with my humblest apologies to all who have been knitting along with the installments.


If you would like to knit these Mystery Monkey Socks yourself, type ‘Mystery Monkey Socks’ in my search box and all the instructions should come up. 

Hmmm?  Whats that you ask?  Little Mystery Monkey?  Yes, he is one happy monkey now!



4 Comments on “Mystery Monkey Socks Finished

  1. Your Mystery Monkey Socks are so cool! I wish I had time to make some, but someday….

    You absolutely deserve the title of Sock Swap Queen! You have been very busy.

  2. The color combination looks great on the Monkey Sock – thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. Yea!!!! I will actually get to do some me knitting this weekend, socks are first onthe list….tahnks so much for sharing the pattern your Highness

  4. Ooh I’ve been waiting to see these finished so I could have the entire pattern! I can’t wait to make them, they’re sooooo cute!

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