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Like so many others out there in knitting blogland, I have been nominated by MOONFROG the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award.  This is one of the fun things about blogging – to see these awards and memes making their rounds.  It always reminds me of the ‘chain letters’ I used to write as a young girl.

I think Becky (Moonfrog) was one of the very first people I met when I started blogging.  She probably does not remember this but, I emailed her and asked her how to make a button for my blog.  I think that is how our friendship started.  Moonfrog travels with her DH all over the place on a motorcycle and then posts beautiful pictures of the Pacific Northwest.  I will always connect her name to a picture she posted a few years back where she and her husband were dressed up in costume on Halloween on their bike…….what a site!  It was hilarious to me!

It was hard for me to pick out five Rockin’ Girl Bloggers to pass the button to because there are so many out there who deserve this!  That being said, here are my nominees:

Shirley of Artseycrafts.  Shirley and I not only share a love of knitting socks together but we have many other interests in common as well………………music, books, movies, art, ‘southernisms’………………. 

Kathy of Nuttinbutknittin.  I think Kathy and I met each other through the Nancy Bush Sock Knitters webring several years back before she retired.  It has been fun watching her make the transition to retiree and, my goodness, she certainly is turning out pairs and pairs of socks these days!  Kathy is not the only talented one in her family — her teeny dog, SofeeSu is a prolific writer and posts on Kathy’s blog when her back is turned.  He is quite a cocky dude, too as he is is constantly changing his profile picture! 

Pat of Pat’s Knitting and Quilting.  Pat has always inspired me with her beautiful knitting but this is not the only reason I esteem her.  Pat took a stand last Spring to not let blogging take over her life anymore.  Her love of knitting was diminishing as she discovered she was knitting to blog about it.  I think this is something all of us knitters struggle with and it robs us of the joy of knitting!  We should all learn from Pat’s lesson and not let our lives be governed by the internet….there is more to life than that.  Pat is more balanced now because she isn’t blogging several times a week and I want to be the same way.

Vanessa of Spinning My Life Away.  Vanessa is NOT spinning her life away!  She is one of the most diverse crafters I know in blogland with a variety of hobbies.  Right now she is off somewhere learning how to make Windsor Chairs!  I met Vanessa a few years ago when I saw her a picture of her beautiful Alice Starmore Donegal sweater.  She helped me with color substitutions since the pattern specified discontinued yarn.  Do you remember that, Vanessa?  I located yarn all over the country for Donegal.  Did I knit it?  Nope, it is in a ziplock bag waiting for some other sweaters to be completed.

And last of all, I would like to nominate OZKNITTER, an Aussie sock knitting friend.  OZKNITTER came along side of me to start the My First Toe-Ups Yahoo Group during one of Lolly’s Socktoberfests.  We both wanted to learn to knit socks from the toe up.  This group has been going strong since we started it but the funny thing is I STILL HAVE NOT KNIT A PAIR OF SOCKS FROM THE TOE UP YET!

4 Comments on “Rockin’ Girl Blogger

  1. Thank you Rebecca – You are so kind! and yes a little readjustment and balance was the perfect thing for me. (I concur with your other nominees – some of my favorite bloggers!)

  2. Thanks for the nomination Rebecca! As someone else said, I am more of the “Creaking Grandma” blogger than a “Rockin’ Girl” type.(vbg) It was very kind of you to think of me.

  3. Hi

    I have yet to recive my socks, but im not worried, my friend asures me they er sent but they have to travle from the US to Denmark that takes time


  4. thanks rebecca! and of course i remember!
    when i get home tonight i’ll think of my 5 rockin’ choices 🙂

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