Fawkes Finished



Fawkes are finished!  The pattern was fun to knit and fairly easy.  I like patterns that have 10 to 12 row repeats because I find I can’t stop knitting in the middle of a repeat, which results in thesocks being completed sooner!  Some other Fawke knitters have thought this pattern was a bit snug with just 60 sts being cast on but they seem to fit me perfectly. My gauge was a little tighter than what the pattern specified. 


I think I mentioned in a previous post that I found this pattern at Socktopia!  This is a fun group! Go check it out!

7 Comments on “Fawkes Finished

  1. This is THE first pair of socks that I want to knit once my self imposed “non-wool” Summer of Socks is complete. How long until Sept 1!?!

  2. Fawkes turned out fabulously!! I made socks out of that yarn maybe a year ago, and I wish I would have seen this pattern, because the colorway really lends itself to the pattern.

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