Sock Challenged

Too many challenges, so many socks I want to knit and not enough time in the day!

First, Socktopia is featuring a Mystery Sock this month with installments released every Monday.  This week we were instructed to knit a 1.5 inch twisted rib cuff.  What’s up for next week?  You will just have to find out NEXT week, or you can come join me for the fun!


Yarn- Lisa Sousa’s WILD THING

2.5 mm needles

Pattern ??????

Socktopia’s August sock themes that I am trying to decide between are ‘Chameleon Kharma’, ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ and ‘Ebony and Ivory’.

The Sock Anonymous group on Ravelry has issued more challenges.  Over there the goal is to try new things each month for a year.  August is ‘Lace Sock’ month………………….hmmmmm……..I’ve knit a bunch of those already!

The Knitting Vintage Socks Nancy Bush group are knitting the Gentlemans Shooting Stocking as their August/September sock.  I do have yarn purchased for that sock and planned to knit for DH.  Maybe I will cast on for that!  The Knitting on the Road Nancy Bush Group has voted on Huron Mountain as their August/September sock.  I have long wanted to knit that sock.  Hmmmmm…….black and white yarn would work for the Socktopia Ebony and Ivory Challenge.

See what I mean?  Too many challenges.  Too many socks.  Which ones do I want to knit?  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

9 Comments on “Sock Challenged

  1. That is such gorgeous sock yarn. Looks like Ravelry could be a source of trouble for me when I get in there. Of course, so many socks is not the worst problem in the world.

  2. That yarn is beautiful. I have some of her yarn in the stash, I might need to dig it out and use it for my next pair!

  3. Oooh I like that colorway! I’d like to join but I’m not sure I could keep up with all that sock knitting… We’ll see how I do this month, then I’l re-evaluate!

  4. It sounds like someone belongs to too many sock groups. *laugh*

    You could come join us at 6soxs. heheheh

  5. holy cow girl! How do you keep up????
    I knit the gentlemen’s shooting sock pattern and I LOVE it!

  6. It’s a lovely problem to have – so many grogeous yarns & socks to knit – knit them all, one at a time. I just love sock knitting.

  7. I hear you…I haven’t even atempted the two NB groups I am in for the past few months but you have inspired me to get back on track. I will knit at least one of them by deadline…do you think all this knitting of socks is hurting the premade sock industry???

  8. I am Robin and I am a sock addict. I am always looking for sock groups. Unfortunately I never seem to keep up. I love your sock yarn it is gorgeous.

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