Do you see what I see?  Look where the head of my Brittany needle is lying.  I see a major, major oopsie!  I forgot to cross a cable!  DH says it is not that noticeable and will give my Central Park Hoodie character.  I think not.  I think it will bug me every time I wear this sweater so it is to the frog pond the CPH back will go!  Rippit!  Rippit!


16 Comments on “Oopsies!

  1. Hmmm… yeah, I think it would bother me too if it were mine… but you know me 🙂

    I love the new site design!

  2. It will definitely bother me & there’s not so much to rip back , so it’s alright. Your CPH is looking good & I love the color. Your new look is great.

  3. Hopefully you can just rip back the cable, not the entire width of the back. I became very proficient at doing that while making the Must Have Cardigan. LOL

    Love your progress, btw! Really beautiful. What yarn are you using for your CPH? I still have it on my list to do….. It’s waiting patiently.


  4. No, don’t rip! There is a different way to do it. Check this link: http://ineedorange.blogspot.com/2006/06/fixing-miscrossed-cable.html
    There is also a post on januaryone that shows how to do it.

    Thanks for your comment on the socks! You should finish your pair! I think lime green sounds lovely. By the way, that’s not my sock, I have not yet started it. I borrowed the picture from the designer with her permission. Though maybe it’s too confusing and I should remove it… I love the socks, though, and I can’t wait to see yours! And to see mine 😉

    Your CPH is beautiful. I love the color.

  5. I see that I am late to the game today. Do check out the alternatives to frogging that others have suggested. I also agree with your decision to fix this error. It would bother me, too.

  6. I was just about to yell “WAIT! Fix the cable but don’t frog it all!!!” but others have beat me to it.

  7. You’re doing a beautiful job! Don’t rip it back. Instead just “ladder down” like we did with the FLAK sweater. I’ll check back later to see which option you go for. Keep up the good work!

  8. I HATE when that happens! That happened on my Cabled Tunic, and since the whole thing is cabled, I had to rip out like 40 rows of cable, cable, cable. Sad, but you do what you gotta do when you want to be perfect! *sigh*

  9. BTW, that was my comment Rebecca! I forgot to change over from my “secret” account…Just so you don’t think there’s some weirdo leaving you messages! 😉

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