Loopy Groupies?

I am curious how many of you are Loopy Groupies?  I know The Loopy Ewe has a special following of women on Ravelry and I see women raving all over blogland place about how Sheri has wonderful customer service and makes them feel so very special!  

I know Sheri is one special gal because she was the recipient of my Uptown Boot Socks and the pal I spoiled for the Sockret Swap.  She was one of the most appreciative recipients of any sock I ever knit for ANYONE!  I have been longing to shop at the Loopy Ewe ever since then but have been working through stash yarn.  Well, August is the end of my ‘stash diet’ and I placed my first order at The Loopy Ewe.

So MANY beautiful yarns!  My recent Hogwarts Pal said she has placed 23 orders with Sheri this year!  I am most certain SHE is a Loopy Groupie!  And, after reading what comes with your first five orders, I can’t wait to receive MINE!

Check this out (copied from The Loopy Ewe site):

So – about those Loopy Groupies – what IS that exactly? We include fun little gifts in your first five orders from us. Why five? Because that’s how many fun little gifts we could come up with! 🙂 With your sixth order, you become an official member of the Loopy Groupie Club. (We fondly refer to you as “Loopies” for short). With that, you’ll receive:

  • a fun care package to welcome you in (a cool tote with a couple of goodies inside)
  • Loopy Kisses with each order (you’ll have to wait to see those in person)
  • advance notice of all new yarns and products right when they go up on the website (although if any of you have a particular yarn line you’re watching for, of course you can email me and request to get notice of that yarn early. We’re always happy to do that.)
  • special sales and offers, exclusive to the Loopy Groupies
  • random freebies in future orders, if we find something else that would be fun to include for you (and we’re always on the lookout!)


I am sooooooooo curious about whether any of you have received one of these packages and I want to ask you about it, but I also LOVE surprises!  But…..you CAN tell me…….any Loopy Groupies out there?  Is this going to become another obsession for me?  Am I going to become a Loopy?

13 Comments on “Loopy Groupies?

  1. i’m a loopy groupie and yes, everything she says about the gifties are true. when i placed my 6th order i did indeed receive a special tote (with goodies) that i take to my knitting meet-ups and sweet “kisses” with each order after that. also, you get a $25. credit for every $250. you spend (you don’t have to reach the status of a ‘groupie’ for this to take into effect). but overall, it’s the customer service and extra TLC they take in packaging the order that won me over; sheri really treats you like a best friend! it’s actually the one place i don’t mind spending my sock yarn dollars because she has such a great selection and keeps adding to her inventory – the only thing that makes me sad is that i don’t belong to the loopyewe sock club….

  2. Me too! I’m a loopy groupie and was sooo excited when my tote came with top-notch gifts in it! Sheri is the best and about 80% of my yarn budget goes straight to The Loopy Ewe! But I’ll warn you now, it is an addiction. 😉

  3. Hi Rebecca – I’m a Loopie too. Sheri does have exemplary customer service and is a lovely woman. Plus she has the best selection of sock yarn anywhere. I will be honest when I say that the “sneak-ups” are a big turn-off to me tho. I joined the Loopy Ewe Ravelry group just before the last sneak up and to hear the women in there speak about yarn was just disgusting to me – it was “I’m getting that yarn no matter what, no matter who, and I’m buying as much as I can!” I dunno, yarn shopping isn’t a contact sport to me and the mad-dash, get it or die consumerism of the Sneak Up just really puts me off. Your mileage may vary 🙂

  4. Oh you naughty enabler!! I haven’t shopped at the Loopy Ewe yet (mainly because my sock yarn stash overfloweth). I have hit SimplySockYarn pretty heavily in past years b/c she has great selection and service.

    But, I’m all about spreading the stash money around to as many places as possible. May have to give them a try…..

    BTW–really LOVE the new site skin. The green is fab.

  5. I’m a Groopie and I love my Loopy swag. Sheri is wonderful and everything she sells is top notch. Her customer service is amazing. Recently I emailed her to ask her what the base yarn of the Sock Club yarn is because I was running out before the toes. She told me she’d mail me an extra half skein to finish my toes with because she had put aside yarn for those of us with larger feet.

    The Sneak Ups are out of control though and I avoid them like the plague. I was able to get some Wollmeise when it came out just by sheer luck. I’m hoping to get a couple of other yarns that will be made available soon but I won’t fight the masses for them.

  6. I’m a loopie groupie too and it’s every bit as nice as you’d imagine it to be. Sheri’s customer service is amazing, which really makes The Loopy Ewe one of my main sock yarn and laceweight shops. You do get the sneak-ups, which is good to know, but I have a tendency to quickly delete those messages, especially when I’m feeling protective of my wallet.

  7. I’ve been a Loopy Groupie for quite some time now. Sheri is a delightful woman and has outstanding customer service. She always includes a bag of candy (which Hubster claims as his own – it’s his part of the delivery), and all the yarn is beautifully packaged. Fortunately for me, the Sneak-Ups seem to appear late at night, and since I’m an insomniac and am up literally all night, I can shop at my leisure. It’s far too easy to spend a lot of money there because of the sheer variety of goods Sheri has to offer. I don’t mind, though, because I know that everything I receive is top quality. If I have a problem, Sheri takes care of it immediately. There are only a few shops I frequent for yarn online, and hers is at the top of the list.

  8. Another Groupie here! Great customer service, great yarns and the fun of “stalking” the sight to catch a sneak up 🙂 Even as a groupie and getting th heads up that a sneak up is happening doesn’t damper the stalking lol.

    I’m on the Ravelry group and I’ve never seen anyone talk about getting yarn at all cost *shrug* a lot of it is in good fun.

  9. I am also a Loopy Groupie. I am a big fan of her store. I actually found her through her friend Janice that appears every now and again on the blog. I love her customer service. I will admit that the Sneak Up’s remind me of shopping the day after Thanksgiving but I look at it like this. If it is still there when I get to it purchasing it was meant to be. I am officially going on a yarn diet of my own because I have WAY TOO MUCH sock yarn. (Can you really have too much???? NAH!!) But I am determined to knit through some of my stash though. You will be hooked I promise.

  10. That’s a lot of groupies! I ordered my sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe, but I haven’t needed any more sock yarn. I can’t use up what I have!

  11. I have been a Loopie Groupie since February – it didn’t take me long, Sheri constantly feeds my habit of collecting sock yarn, I could open a museum.

  12. You have to be a groupie to get the tote!! It is wonderful!! I ahve been a groupie for awhile now. I think last count was 23 orders this year…pathetic..

  13. I’ve recently received a GC for The Loopy Ewe and I can’t wait to place my first order. I’ve ummed and ahhed and finally decided what I want, I just need to wait for it to come back into stock.

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