Autumn is for Sweaters

I woke up this morning and the temperature outside was 42 degrees.  There was just enough nip in the air to make me wish my Central Park Hoodie was finished!  Autumn is a time for sweaters and I have too many unfinished ones.


Remember the misscrossed cable halfway down my CPH back?  It is now fixed and I know you all would like to know how I went about fixing it.  There were many helpful comments left on my blog and I thank each one of you for you tips!  Your encouragement gave me enough fortitude to plunge in and fix the mistake the way I normally do,  the way that almost always works for me. 


The method I use to fix pattern mistakes is to ‘ladder down’ to the offending cable and then knit that section back up.  I’ve been met with success every time I’ve used this method.  That is, until now.  I hang my head in shame and must confess that it did not work this time.  I ended up with a significant mini-ladder effect on the left side of the cable.  My tension must have been much looser when I originally knit the back.  Or, maybe my tension was tight when I tried to correct the error.  Most likely ‘I’ was tense because I had never laddered down 45 rows before!  At any rate, ended up frogging 45 rows.  Be kind.  I’ve already suffered enough…sob.

The Central Park Hoodie is a very easy knit and does not require much attention.  When I get bored knitting it, I glimpse longingly at St. Brigid sitting in time out.  I brought her out this morning and decided that she needed a little attention, too.  I am contemplating spending more time with her on weekends.  That is, IF I can sneak away without Central Park Hoodie noticing.   



14 Comments on “Autumn is for Sweaters

  1. I woke up this morning and it was 82 degrees.(vbg) Your CPH is just beautiful and so is St. Brigid. Where did you find the pattern for the St Brigid?

  2. Well I’m sorry you had to frog, but I’m glad that at least the cable is now fixed. I’m about the start the same sweater and I’m happy to hear it’s an easy knit — I will just have to make sure I don’t get too cocky, or I’ll wind up miscrossing a cable or two myself!

  3. St Brigid is so gorgeous. I love that color. Hurry and finish the Central Park Hoodie so I can live vicariously through your St Brigid.

  4. Wow I think both look beautiful! Love the colors too. 42 really?! Oh how I wish the weather was like that here!

  5. Oy. Well, if the laddering didn’t work well, I’d have ripped, too. I’ll bet it will be gorgeous when you’ve finished with it. St. Brigid is a pretty little thing, too!

  6. Ouch – 45 rows! ( for me there is usually some strange satisfaction after frogging though – I’m always glad that I did it! )
    I would have spent a LONG time trying to adjust/ease in/pull/push those stitches to get rid of the ladders before I was willing rip!!

  7. I need to get motivated on my CPH. I haven’t even bought the yarn for it yet! Anyway, perhaps your progress will get me motivated.

    Where or where did you find St. Brigid?? How exquisite it that!!!

  8. I am sorry that you had to rip out 45 rows of your CPH. I hate when I have to frog something. It makes me so frustrated that I ponder giving up knitting entirely. Until I remember how much sock yarn I have. Are you going to show what you got from Sheri?????

  9. Sometimes it’s worth frogging so that everything will look right. The CPH looks great & the St. Brigid too!

  10. Love your new blog look.

    Good luck in the two timing of both sweaters. It’s never to eary to think about fall. The red will look lovely on you.

  11. Brigid is beautiful, she is on my too do list which now has to be rolled scroll-like and tied with a ribbon

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