Over the Mountain

Once a week I go over the mountain and down the hill into Colorado Springs to get some shopping done.  It is usually a full day and I generally come home pretty exhausted.  DH picks up a pizza on those days so I don’t have to mess with cooking when I get home. 


I’m usually on a mission with a long list of stops to make.  The highlight of my shopping trip today was the purchase of a new lense for my Canon Rebel XT.  I wanted a basic 50mm fixed lense to do some general photography.  Photography is one of my ‘other’ hobbies and I need to brush up on some basic skills.  This lense will serve that purpose well.  Of course, I brought my camera with me to try out the new lense.


At Michael’s I spotted this new cotton worsted weight yarn.  Being somewhat of a yarn snob, this is usually not where I purchase my yarn.  However, the salmon color caught my eye immediately and I couldn’t resist picking up a skein.  This is my favorite color and I am rarely able to resist it!  I can picture the SPRING FORWARD Cardigan in one of my Twists and Turns newsletter knit with this yarn.  I’ll have to swatch with it and see how it goes!  Have any of you used this yarn?


(counting Weight Watcher points again…..)


Red ripe strawberries – 1 point



Tootsie Pop – 1 point

As I mentioned in my last post, autumn is just around the corner here in the Rockies.  On my drive down this morning I saw a few aspen trees starting to turn golden.  Can you believe that?  This is one of my favorite times of year.  The deer have eaten just about all my flowers but they are not overly fond of mums so I picked up a few for the front porch.  This color goes well with my log home.


Nine stops……………….time to head home up over the mountains.  See that peak in the far distance?  That is where I live.  One hour left to go and I will be home at last!


11 Comments on “Over the Mountain

  1. Haha… I totally forgot about your new camera. I’d been thinking how good your pictures have looked recently 🙂

  2. Cotton Ease. I just finished designing something with that yarn. It is ok in my opinion. I do like the fact that it is machine washable and dry able, but I have others that I like better. My hands got super dried out from working with this yarn.

    I like the yarn on a size 6 needle and I am an average knitter.

  3. I’ve just been wrestling with this issue! daughter #1 asked for a vest this spring so I made it out of gorgeous Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton and she has yet to wear it. Now she wants a shrug (original in the pattern is in Debbie Bliss pure silk); despite being a yarn snob I want to make it for her in yarn from michaels so I’m not totally cross when she doesn’t wear this item either …. but also because even if she DOES wear it, she’s still growing. What to do. You sure live in a gorgeous area of the country!

  4. Oh, I remember our trips to the Springs….not quite as long as yours (We were in Woodland Park). Your new camera lens looks like it works beautifully!

  5. Cotton Ease isn’t bad, for an acrylic blend. Lion Brand actually discontinued it for a while, but there was such a demand that they brought it back. I haven’t knit it any of it yet, but I’m thinking it would be great for some baby garments because of its ease of care.

  6. I remember the days we LIVED in the Springs. About this time my hubby starts being pulled in that direction. Is it the whisper of the Aspen leaves, or the bugling of the Elk?? Or perhaps both. Enjoy!

    Never used Cotton Ease – so sorry, I can’t help you.

  7. Cotton Ease is quite popular. I made my Laced Lutea top with it. It feels nice. It washes nice. The price is nice.

  8. i think i had forgotten that you live in colorado and seeing your phot of th emountains makes me homesick…and the mums. i haven’t seen a single mum since we moved. funny huh how the little things can do that. oh and we won’t be knitting sweaters in gravity land either. sigh. oh and i love cotton ease it washes and wears well for a long time 🙂

  9. You take great photos! I like Cotton Ease, it’s a nice basic cheap yarn that washes nicely. I love my Digital Rebel.

  10. Your picture of the mountains makes me “homesick” even though I’m not from Coloradao! But I lived in Manitou Springs for a while; my youngest was born at the Air Force Academy. Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest; the only place on earth prettier than the Colorado Rockies!

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