CPH Blocking

I have finally finished my Central Park Hoodie sleeves, fronts and back and now they are blocking.  I see the FINISHING line in sight!  After the fronts and back are dry, the shoulder seams will be sewn.  Then I will pick up stitches for the Hood and cruise on down the Front Bands and add the Hood Edging.  I have not decided if I will be opting for the buttonholes.  I’m inclined to leave the front open or, perhaps, add toggle closures.  I’ll have to peruse the Central Park Hoodie KAL blog to see what others have ended up doing.

Blocking pins were hard to round up which surprised this ex-seamstress!  I did find a couple of my favorite pincushions that I wanted to flash.  The first is one I needlepointed for my Grandma many, many, many years ago — at least 30 years ago!  Since it was something sentimental between the two of us, it was given to me when she died.  Isn’t it adorable?

The second pincushion is my Oriental Men pincushion.  I think I received it free back when I placed an on-line order with  Linda’s Silver Needle several years ago.  This was back in my smocking days when I smocked just about everything my daughters wore. Aren’t these teeny oriental men precious?   I just love them!  I’ve never come across a pincushion this unique. 

Do you have a favorite pincushion you would like to flash?  Consider this your invitation to do so!


7 Comments on “CPH Blocking

  1. Your CPH looks terrific! Makes me want to make one even more…. Someday will come, I am sure. Now it is even further down the list, as I am going to make the “Tilted Duster” for my daughter for Christmas.

    Funny – I have the exact same little Chinese men pincushion. And, I love it too! I really can’t remember where I got mine – have had it for years.


  2. my mother has an oriental men pincushion. I don’t know where she got it, but I used to change the pins in their hair so that they had different hair accessories as a kid.

  3. Yay for the CPH! Yours looks great.

    I have a pincushion that I love that is made from a small china bowl with a fabric stuffed with batting on the top.

  4. Your CPH looks great & love the color. My CPH was knitted as a vest & has no button holes too – I love wearing it! I have the same oriental men pin chusion & they are available in shops in Singapore.

  5. Your CPH is looking wonderful – I can’t wait to see it finished. Have you thought about a zipper down the front? It is beautiful – I love it!

    Hmm, I don’t have a special pincushion but I do have my Mother’s sewing basket which I treasure.

  6. Looking good. I am going to have to look for that magazine. My LYS has a lot of back issues available of several different mags.

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