No Embarkation

No embarkation plans.  Princess Cruises was unable to get last minute plane tickets to fly from Colorado to Canada.  At first DH and I were very disappointed but our outlook on life is a belief that all things happen for a reason and so we began to look for the silver lining.  We had found out earlier that morning that the stop on Prince Edward Island had been cancelled and the Anne of Green Gables excursion was the one I was most looking forward to so THAT, in an of itself ,was enough to make me want to postpone the cruise.  And then, we remembered that this summer we are celebrating a very significant milestone in our life:


We would much rather go on a cruise this summer to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary!  Especially, since our very FIRST cruise was on our honeymoon.  This will give us plenty of time to research where we really would like to go. I’m thinking Mediterranean………….

I do want to thank ALL of you who sent me information about yarn shops and things I should do while in various ports!  I have jotted your suggestions down in my travel journal for FUTURE travels! 

My disappointment was alleviated completely further with the acquisition of a new toy:


The NEW iPod Nano!

I had the oldest iPod in the family, the original Mini iPod with the teeny black/white screen and short battery life . NO MORE! This new iPod is incredible!  It has 8g memory, a brighter color screen, a 48-hr battery life and can hold both videos/photos!  And as you can see, my favorite thing to listen to on my iPod are books, books, books!  And what do I do whist listening to books?  KNIT, of course!

9 Comments on “No Embarkation

  1. sorry to here about your trip not working out but like you I agree everything happens for a reason and i a 25th anniversary cruise would be perrrrrrrfect.
    Enjoy the planning 🙂

  2. Sorry that this cruise is not meant to be, but it is wonderful when we can keep in mind that things work out for a reason. Glad the new toy and planning for the anniversary cruise have been able to comfort you.

  3. Very cute iPod! I love mine. Funny how yours shows 13th Tale and Water for Elephants. I just finished the first and have the second waiting.

    What a wonderful milestone to celebrate! I hope you find just the right cruise to make it special.

  4. I’m sorry your trip didn’t work out, but at least now you can plan the trip you truly want to take! I will let you know how ours is and what not to miss in the Mediterranean.

  5. So sorry…but now you can plan the perfect cruise. We were to cruise to Alaska instead of DW intiially but I couldn’t get suitable cabin for our first cruise. It’s ok, we are thinking myabe that will be the family vacation next year…..I like your new toy. I may be the last holdout but I have never owned an ipod……or made the jaywalker socks….or Clapotis(?sp)…gee I sound like a rebel.

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear your cruise was postponed, but going for something Mediterranean (sp?) for your anniversary sounds wonderful! Congrats!

    You’ll have to share how you get your books onto your i-Pod. There’s got to be an easier way than what I’m doing. I’ve tried a couple different ways, and it always lists each segment as a separate “chapter”, and sometimes there’s hundreds of them for one book! I’ve taken to listening to my books on CD’s by putting them in the computer and running them thru I-Tunes that way, but i’m thinking there’s gotta be a better way!


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