Got Gauge ~ Must Have Cardigan

Ever since Kathy and Shirley modeled their beautiful Must Have Cardigans, my inner knitter keeps saying, “I must have that cardigan!  I must have that cardigan!  I must have that cardigan!”  Both Kathy and Shirley were inspired when Pat knit the Must Have Cardigan……………….. maybe you will be inspired when I knit it 🙂

I am nearing the finish of my Central Park Hoodie and have lined up the Must Have Cardigan as my next cardi.  The pattern is by Patons and everything in the booklet is knit with Patons Classic Merino.  I’ll be using the color taupe which does not resemble the ‘taupe’ I think of as ‘taupe’ but I like it nonetheless.

 My gauge swatch says I have gauge on the exact needles the pattern calls for, size 7.  I’ll give the swatch a good soak to see if it ‘blooms’ any.


9 Comments on “Got Gauge ~ Must Have Cardigan

  1. No NO NO, I will NOT make that sweater, even though it is full of cabley goodness and the yarn is readily available and it is a v-neck and a cardigan, NO I will NOT, I will Not……….I am off to find the book….

  2. This one has been on the to-knit list for ages. It’s for my mom. She even bought the yarn 3 years ago!! I have a sweater to finish for myself (just sleeves) and I think this will be my next sweater project. So glad to see someone else working on it.

  3. You’ll enjoy – it’s a fun knit! Not to mention a lovely design when finished.

    I am hoping to be able to wear mine on an upcoming vacation. Today, Iowa is predicted to reach 84 degrees! YIKES!! Where oh where is my Midwest fall weather???? No wool sweaters needed here – even in October!!

  4. That’s not taupe!!!! (But I love it all the same)

    And what are you doing casting on for another sweater, young lady!

  5. The Must Have Cardigan was my first cabled sweater and I loved it. I hope you like yours as much. I can’t wait to see your progress!

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