Making a Blocking Board

If you do a lot of knitting and have discovered that blocking pieces makes the finished appearance of your sweater look better, you may want to make a blocking board.  No more using the tops of beds for me!  Not wanting to spend $80 on a sweater board, I decided to make my own.

You will need:

  1. A piece of hard board 
  2. Some medium weight batting
  3. A piece of checked fabric to cover
  4. Staple gun



Instead of using a gingham fabric with teeny-tiny checks, I opted for some heavier designer decorating plaid fabric with 1″ squares.  This fabric is easier on my eyes and the darker red lines are quick to find when stretching out pieces to block.  And, of course, I picked colors that complement my wardrobe 🙂



To make my blocking board I simply covered the board with quilt batting and stapled the batting in place.  I trimmed the excess batting with my rotary cutter.  Then I smoothed out the plaid fabric on top of this making sure it was straight and pulled nice and tight for s smooth, firm surface.  I wrapped the fabric to the backside and stapled in place.


4.  Finished Blocking Board:


5.  Central Park Hoody sleeves in the process of being blocked on new Blocking Board:



I think a larger board would have been better; however, this one will be easier to store under a bed.  I would find a softer wood as my pins will not go in the board.  I have to slide them in at an angle.  One way to remedy this would have been to use a foam pad instead of quilt batting.  But, all in all, this blocking board will work just fine for me!

6 Comments on “Making a Blocking Board

  1. Thanks for all these instructions – they are great. I really like the look of your blocking block – it looks so professionally done. Great job.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the MHC and your CPH sleeves are beautiful! I almost made a blocking board like yours but bought the locking floor tiles instead (for $20). No need to pay $80 for a blocking board.(vbg)

  3. Your CPH is looking great! I am still planning on knitting that one…perhaps after the holidays.

    Glad to hear from you, btw. Needless to say – multiple swaps to juggle would be a little overwhelming. Even one would be for me I am afraid…:)

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