This is Why…

THIS IS WHY…….. I join sock swaps……


My package from Chrispy, Monkey Pal #1, arrived on Saturday filled with lots of goodies.  Monkey Sock Swap THREE.  What can I say?  It has been just as much fun as Monkey Sock Swap ONE and TWO!

Chrispy is an excellent sock knitter!  Aren’t these fun Monkey Socks?  She altered the pattern to a short-row heel and it fits my foot perfectly!  Monkey Swap THREE was different from the other two in that you were also required to send a Cookie A. pattern and yarn to knit the pattern.  The pattern my Monkey Pal sent was THEOLINUS along with some lovely brown Koigu yarn.  

Isn’t this Koigu all yumminess? Check out the banana gift bag and the cute little monkey!


Monkey goodies included one of my favorite childhood link games, A Barrel  of Monkeys and a very cool Lego animal set.  Imagine that!  A monkey made out of Legos!

And of course, there were sweets……. cute little monkey candy!


AND THIS IS WHY………… I love in Colorado……..

4 to 5 inches of beautiful snow arrived yesterday.  This is the second time it has snowed.  I will try not to burden you with too many snow pictures this year but I do LOVE living in the mountains.  The best thing about snow up here?  The sun comes out with beautiful blue skies following the storm.  No dreary winters.  I just have to have my sunshine!


October 2007 – snow crested  Pikes Peak

13 Comments on “This is Why…

  1. My Mom and Sis called yesterday to tell me of the wonderful wintery white in CO Springs – It’s 80 degrees here today – very warm for late Oct. in MA!
    Looks like you know how to run a good swap!!
    and that Must Have Cardi is looking gorgeous.

  2. You *do* know how to run a good swap! I’m in MA like Pat and wore sandals and sleeveless top today. Your photos are gorgeous. Love that snow and blue sky! Next year I’ll be in Boulder at the beginning of Oct. Might it snow then??

  3. Such nice goodies. The snow is beautiful & I can imagine you up there in the mountains – the view must be fantastic! While for us summer is around the corner & this Sunday is the start of daylight saving & we have to turn the clock back 1 hour – I hate summer – it’s too hot & dry!

  4. I am so glad that you are enjoying the package. The little banana bag is to carry your sock projects around in.

  5. What a fabulous package!! I love the monkey socks 🙂 Great colors!!

    And from a few posts below, I think I need to check out the Anne of Green Gables KAL…one of my favorite books from childhood !! And I still have the fancy hardback version that I read as a girl 🙂

  6. You received what I consider one of the nicest packages I’ve seen to date. Have you seen the Knit to the Classics site? There are three books picked out for Nov, Dec, Jan which you may be interested in. Thank you for your introduction to audible. I love Jeeves and Wooster DVD I purchased and I’d love to read more but I did purchase first audiobook like you did. I appreciate you pointing me in the direction of the Ravelry group.

  7. Love all the monkeybusiness! I am sure you DO run a good swap. I bow to you!

    DH is planning to retire in a few years, and we are discussing retirement moves. While I am not convinced (depending a great deal on the state of grandmotherhood) we are talking about moving back to Colorado. We remember…..

  8. What a great Monkey package! I love that Koigu brown yarn. And the little monkey guy is very cute.
    I don’t envy you your snow, but the sunshiney winters would be marvelous. Though it’s sunny and 70 in the northwest today.

  9. Wonderful swap loot! Love the sock bag’s fabric.

    Your mountain view is sensational! Definitely looks cool enough to wear your new socks too 😀

  10. Rebecca, I can’t believe you have already gotten snowfall. Wow! Have fun with your sock swaps. BTW, koigu is my fav sock yarn.

  11. What a wonderful partner you had, your socks are beautiful! So many good treats too, the bag is lovely and the monkey treats. Too cute!

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