Birthday Sweater

Today is my birthday and, in a moment of self-pity and missing my family, I ordered this beautiful Black Water Abbey sweater!  Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday to me! 


This sweater is a new design called Vickie and there is a Vickie KAL that just started this week!  The color I have ordered is called MOSS and I just love it!  


Mr. UPS Guy should be delivering this to me tomorrow so I will have it for my upcoming ‘sister’ trip with my sis-in-law.  I should have plenty of knitting time in the car.  My first priority is still my Must Have Cardigan so Vickie will be a side-line until the MHC is finished.

Speaking of challenges – how many of you are contemplating this one


I read about it on Lolly’s blog this morning and am thinking about making November a sweater month.  I hardly think I could finish one sweater in a month.  That would be a lofty goal for me, but I do need a kick in the rear to get my Central Park Hoodie seamed together.  And, it is a reasonable goal for me to have my Must Have Cardigan finished by the end of November.  

If anyone else wants to make November a sweater challenge month then leave me a comment and take the button!  And, don’t forget to tell me what your goal is so I can hold you to it!


26 Comments on “Birthday Sweater

  1. Gorgeous! I am thinking about focusing on sweaters this November, but I’m trying to resist casting on a whole new project. How about finishing my Denim Aran? I’m not even quite done the back . . . Or there’s a fair isle baby sweater in fingering weight in my UFO pile with only the hem cast on . . . But what about fair isle mittens or Christmas hats or scarves.

  2. I’ll take on the challenge! Last May, while visiting our oldest daughter in Anchorage I bought Lopi Lite for a snowflake pullover. It’s finally turned chilly here in Northern Virginia and I’m ready for a change from knitting socks.

  3. Happy Birthday! Vicky looks nice & the pattern looks challenging. I am not into sweater knitting at the moment.

  4. Happy Birthday! “Vickie” is a gorgeous cardigan and will be beautiful in your choice of colors. I am waiting to see your MHC soon! (vbg)

  5. Morning Rebecca!

    With or without an official challenge – I will be knitting “Tilted Duster” from the front of the current Interweave Knits magazine during the month of November. It is a request by my daughter – and will be a Christmas gift for her. Thanks for sharing the challenge information!

    I love your new sweater. Blackwaterabbey’s yarns are gorgeous! I have a color card, but have never taken the plunge. I may have to look/see at that sweater. I think we have similar tastes…. (Great taste, I might add!).


    Hope that you have a wonderful day, filled with family (hopefully lots of phone conversations), friends and lots of knitting time!

    The sweater is gorgeous (but then you always pick lovely sweaters to knit for yourself). I’m looking forward to seeing you knit it.

  7. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I’ll take you up on that challenge. I’m in the midst of 3 different sweaters but I have one more that needs doing that hasn’t been started yet. I’ll be knitting a Tomten jacket for my 5 year old daughter with a combination of handspun and commercial wools.

  8. Happy Birthday Rebecca!
    “Vicki” on the sideline is a great reason to finish your other 2 sweaters!
    I will try to finish Tangled Yoke….just cast on the sleeves. (I wouldn’t place a bet on myself though!)

  9. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day. Your sweater choices are amazing. I’ll have to think about a sweater I could knit.

  10. Beautiful sweater! Happy Birthday!!!!

    Since I have so many sweaters to knit for Christmas……well, 2, plus my dad’s for his birthday, it goes without saying that November is for sweaters. I should join the group.

  11. Happy (now belated) birthday! I think you picked a perfect gift for yourself!

    Rather than trying to knit a whole sweater in the month of November, I am challenging myself to FINISH the two sweaters I have on the needles in the month of November. My husband’s sweater is meant to be his big Hannukah gift, and it starts December 4, so I really need to finish it up next month.

  12. Happy Birthday! That is a beautiful sweater. Good luck with the sweater in a month kal. I haven’t even been able to knit a hat this month, so that’s sooo not going to happen for me.

  13. I’m madly trying to finish my husband’s sweater by the end of October. I don’t think I can commit to a whole sweater. I think I am going to try to knit the Forest Canopy Shawl next month. I also have to get started knitting for Christmas…

  14. Beautiful sweater. I’m considering NaKniSweMo — I owe each of my parents a sweater, even though I just made one for myself and am almost finished asecond one. Hmmm …

  15. November is for finishing things, in my house — sock angel socks, the accursed cobblestone pullover (well, it is the yarn that I’m afraid is cursed), my daughter’s bow-tied shrug — hey, some of those are sweaters! I guess I’m in.

  16. Happy Birthday Lady!!!! I will take on the challenge. I plan to start Hanne’s merrmaid on Nov 1 and would to complete it in November

  17. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I couldn’t think of a more beautiful birthday present to receive from oneself.

  18. Count me in…I have the KnitPicks Fair Isle Cardi and a baby sweater that have languished for a year!

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