Yarn Ball Winder

One of the birthday presents I ordered for myself arrived today, a Royal Yarn Ball Winder.  This one works so much better than the one I had before – you know the one, the ‘red’ one.


I wound some Willy Wonka Fiber yarn into two center-pull balls for my next pair of socks, the Shingle Creek Socks.  These were a Mother’s Day gift for me back in May and I’m looking forward to knitting them SOON.

10 Comments on “Yarn Ball Winder

  1. I love my blue Royal winder. I also have a Nifty Swift, and it is fabulous, too. Winder and swift are such excellent tools to own. Glad you are enjoying your birthday treasures.

  2. Yeah! Happy birthday. That’s a great gift to give yourself. Shawn says he’s going to make one for my birthday…he only has a month, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

  3. I received the exact ball winder as a gift from my son last Christmas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine.

  4. I have the “red” ball winder. It gives me lots of trouble. I may have to get a Royal. It’s a lot better you say?

  5. Many , many happy returns of the day ( belated I am afraid) , I love the Black Water Abbey jacket, and the yarn ……………ooooh , it is beautiful , can’t wait to see how it knits up.

  6. Happy Birthday :O)

    I also have that winder, its awesome! My MIL got it for me a few Christmas’s ago along with a swift, one of the few good things she’s done ;O)

    Can I be added to the November sweater thing?! I’d love to finish my handspun sweater/shrug/cardigan thing (depends on how much yarn I end up with).

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