I am back home from my travels and ready to resume real life….you know….laundry, grocery shopping, dusting etc. etc.  Well, actually, I am NOT really ready but need to be!


The Monkey Socks have been completed for my Monkey Pal and I am getting her package together.  I found two stuffed monkeys in Chicago and cannot choose between the two of them.  Can you help?  Which one do you like better?  The cute little brown Gund monkey?  Or the colorful red-tailed monkey?  I am having a tough time deciding!



The monkeys are sitting on my Must Have Cardigan Back which, of course, has a miscrossed cable that I was unaware of until yesterday on the plane!  I had already ripped back fifteen rows on the moss stitch and it was a nightmare.  I think I am going to try snipping this cable and fixing it that way.  ARG!  Or, I may do nothing this time.  THAT is what happens when one is busy visiting with sister-in-laws instead of concentrating on cables! 

My knitting plans were more ambitious than I actually had time for.  I thought I would have finished the back of MHC and started the front on this trip but that did not happen.  This cardigan is what I have selected for the November Sweater Challenge!  I am writing down all of your personal sweater challenges you left in my comments and will post them tomorrow.  Hope you all are busy knitting!  How are you coming along?


10 Comments on “Monkeys

  1. Welcome home! Traveling is such fun – as is coming home it seems. I like the red-tailed monkey the best. As for the cable – you are a far braver woman than I. “Snipping” is not a word that I would want to utter near my WIP’s – thank you very much!! As for my Tilted Duster – It’s coming along. Not too quickly, but I still think I will make the end of November deadline. But – I don’t think I actually signed up for the challenge – now that I think about it. Oh well….. 🙂

  2. I like both monkeys, depends on what your pal is like. If she is down to earth, the brown one, if she is spunky and wild go with the red tail!

  3. I like the one with the red tail – it’s unique! Now that it’s summer here, I am limiting my knitting to small projects like socks.

  4. I like the red-tailed monkey, just because he seems a little wackier. But as others have said, it all depends on what your pal is like.

    So sorry about the mis-crossed cable. I’d say the snip might be the easiest fix — and it really isn’t that bad, I promise! Just make sure you use some good lifelines and go slowly so nothing unravels.

  5. When I think of Monkeys I think of the Gund one. I say think outside the box and send the red tailed one.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how we get so absorbed in knitting that we make mistakes without knowing it — at least until later. Hope it works out for you.

    I really like the red-tailed monkey. : )

  7. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m half way through the back of my Snowflake Medallion, the second time around. The first try has been frogged – stitch and row gauge, although swatched, ended up off, and the sweater would have been too small. This time all is correct and I should finish the back today.
    For what it’s worth I like the small Gund monkey.
    Your cableing and knitting are beautiful – I’ve never tried “snipping “and repairing – good luck!

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