Ribbing with Black Water Abbey


I know I said that I would not start my Vickie birthday sweater until my Must Have Cardigan was finished but, what’s a girl to do when she gets a daily digest email from the Vickie Yahoo Group and everyone else is having fun knitting Vickie?  I’ll tell you what she does.  She can’t miss the fun!  She won’t miss the fun! Can you blame me?

I love, love, love this ‘MOSS’ colored Black Water Abbey yarn!  The ribbing is done for the Vickie back.  Will I tuck her away in a basket?  Hmmmmm…….too pretty…….too tempting……



13 Comments on “Ribbing with Black Water Abbey

  1. Gorgeous color! It looks more teal than in your previous picture. Is that the case? Can’t wait to see the finished results.

    RE: Duxbury Point. I’m going to make a M for Mister, which has a finished measurement of 49″–the next size up finishes at 55″, I believe, so there seems to be a fair amount of ease built in. It sure is a lot more knitting than a 40″ sweater, huh? lol

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I love the color of that yarn and the stitch pattern is so very nice. They fit so well together.

  3. First of all, that yarn is GORGEOUS! So a color I’d pick out!

    I’ve found that sometimes when you can bring yourself to finish a project, it’s good to start another one — because then you feel guilty about not finishing the first project, go back to it, and finish superquick so you can get back to the second project. Well, at least it works for socks for me!

  4. Ooooh, I just got that pattern in the mail. I cannot, absolutely canNOT start it until I get a few things off the needles. It’s so lovely, though. I love the color you chose.

  5. Your ribbing looks great. I love the moss color. I enjoyed the Chicago pics. I love that town. Marilyn has a sock monkey kit now. Not sure it is on the website yet. I am checking with the maker of my penguin markers to see if she has monkeys. I will let you know.

  6. Great color!! I love the moss and have worked with it before. I’m like you – I’ve got a bunch of things on needles, and I continue to start new things. What happens is I’ll work on each thing, just a little bit, until I end up finishing nine things all at once! Thanks for commenting on my blog about the Vickie, and also, it’s nice to hear encouraging words about homeschooling! We are having a great time and I hope I can get my kids through to adulthood without too much trouble.
    I just started on Ravelry recently and I’d like to add more friends – my name is LongmontKnitter – will you add me to your list? -Diane

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