November Sweater Challenge Progress


Time for a November Sweater Challenge progress report!

On Monday I finished my Must Have Cardigan back and she is on her way to the blocking board.  Next up – casting on for the the right front!


I’m also working a little bit here and there on Vickie.  I am through row 20 on the back and have not yet completed the first diamond.  Unfortunately, I am finding that the cables do not ‘pop’ as much with a tweed yarn.  I still love the color.  The Black Water Abbey yarn is somewhat scratchy and I can only do a few rows at a time because of that.  I’ve been told that it softens up nicely after washing.  Do any of you have any experience knitting with it??


Hope everyone is coming along nicely with their sweaters!


6 Comments on “November Sweater Challenge Progress

  1. Way to go finishing the back of the MHC! It looks very nice. I’m wondering if the cables will pop more on the other after it’s washed? Sometimes I find that the stitches relax nicely and make the pattern more visible after it’s had a soak.

    My sweater knitting is going pretty well — I finished the first sleeve of my husband’s sweater last night! I still have about a third of the second sleeve and about 3″ to knit on the body before I can join them all and start the yoke.

  2. Your MHC is looking gorgeous. It makes me want to do another one……

    As for the Black Water Abbey, I have their color cards. I bring them out and drool once in awhile. I love their yarns! They do feel scratchy to me however. I will be anxious to see what you think after washing. The sweater progress is very pretty indeed. I love tweeds — I don’t think you will be disappointed with your selection — even if the cables are not as “poppy”. Beautiful beginning!

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