Top 10 Stash Busters

I read about a winter challenge on Judy’s blog this afternoon and it seemed to fit a personal knitting goal I have been tossing around in my noggin….  to actually knit and finish some of those yarn projects that I was once enamored with.  You know.  We all have them — too many projects that captured our hearts when we first saw them and then when something else caught our eye we were smitten anew and abandoned our old love for a new one. 

Some of us did not stop admiring that project in the knitting store or in the catalog, we went so far as to purchase the yarn.  Some of us may have even cast-on and then, somehow, the project found itself discarded in a basket all by its lonesome.  Or if we are brutally honest, it may not be alone at all.  There may be TEN other discarded projects nestled in beside it.


If you, like myself, are one of those fickle lovers then you may want to join me for the TOP 10 STASH BUSTER KAL.  It will start December 1st (tomorrow) and end March 31.  The rules are on the site but, in a nutshell, you must declare the TEN projects from stash you will be tackling during those winter months and give progress reports on the blog.  Here is my list:

#1 STASH BUSTER — Central Park Hoodie


I am in the process of sewing this baby up and learning as I go.  There are many things I would do differently now that she is almost finished!  Live and learn!

#2 STASH BUSTER – Noro Scarf


This is not a true ‘Brooklyn Tweed’ Noro scarf since it is not knit with two skeins of Noro.  But, this is a true stashbuster working from existing stash.  The solid color is Patons Classic Merino.  This scarf is very addicting to knit and I keep finding myself saying, ‘just two more rows, just two more rows…………….”

#3 STASH BUSTER – Galway Hat

#4 STASH BUSTER – Woolhaus Hat designed by the infamous Brooklyntweed

#5 STASH BUSTER – Retro Rib Socks in Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock

#6 STASH BUSTER – First Toe Ups in Colinette Jitterbug

#7 STASH BUSTER – Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings

#8 STASH BUSTER – Shingle Creek Socks

#9  STASH BUSTER – Dale of Norway Baby Yoke Sweater

#10 STASH BUSTER – Must Have Cardigan – Patons Classic Merino

Hmmmm….. it seems like everything on the list is actually already on my needles, well almost.  So, does this constitute a true stashbuster?  I will probably revise the list as things roll off since I can easily continue to come up with TEN stash busters for a whole year!

11 Comments on “Top 10 Stash Busters

  1. what a good idea! I’m going to check it out now. Love your holiday background …

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait to see your finished CPH! Those toggles are exactly what I wanted, but alas, the button store didn’t have any. I’ll just have to keep my eye out for the next time around.

  3. I love this idea. Might have to join you. I do already have a list of things I want to start in the new year . . .

  4. They should count since the yarn was once in your stash. Just keep adding as you finish up what you have going. 🙂

  5. What a great idea! My hubby told me yesterday that my knitting was taking over the living room, I just have too many projects! It is so hard to keep up the excitement of a project, then you find a new one… Good luck!

  6. If I try to knit something that I’m no longer enamored with it will never get done and will seem more like a chore than something I want to do. If I lose the love, I tend to frog instead of pushing on. I *am* trying to be monogamous more often. That way things will get done instead of my finding a new lover and tossing the old one aside (metaphorically of course.)

  7. Love the new look – so bright & cheerful – just the right look for the festive season. Thank goodness I don’t have 10 WIPs (only 3 at the moment).

  8. I’ve been thinking of something similar just this weekend. I have some yarn and projects I’ve always wanted to knit but just haven’t started. 10 in a year sounds like a great goal!

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