Central Park Hoodie Debut

My Central Park Hoodie was finished this weekend, one day shy of the November Sweater Challenge. 


This is the very first completed sweater  – YAY!  As I stated in an earlier post, the ‘assembly process’ looming on the horizon was the major reason it took so long to complete.  Finally, I recalled the Yarn Harlot’s knitting advice, ‘Remember, you are not diffusing a time bomb here!  What’s the most that can happen?’    That pearl of wisdom helped me to take the plunge Friday evening and, repeating those words as a mantra I commenced sewing. 

It wasn’t until the last seam that I finally began to seam ‘intuitively’ rather than following each step in The Knitters Handbook to Finishing.  And, it took me that long just to be able to understand how my stitches corresponded to the picture in the book.  So, the sewing job isn’t the greatest on this sweater BUT I knew it would be a project to learn on when I started it.

After the seaming was done I tryed the sweater on and was NOT VERY HAPPY with the hood.  In fact, I quickly concluded that I am not a hoodie kind of girl.  As a general rule, I never buy them so I’m not sure what compelled me to KNIT a hoodie pattern in the first place.  There was ruffling along the hood ribbing.  I emailed Knit/Wit and asked for help and she told me to try steaming which helped, some…………………..


I wore it to church yesterday and received lots of complements which boosted my morale!  But, the admiring, prideful glances of my husband surpassed any complements received.  I even had someone ask me how much I would charge to knit one for her mother by Christmas.  Christmas?  This year?  It took ten months to knit this one!

The Tahki Donegal was a bit scratchy so I decided this morning to give CPH a good soak in some Kookaburra wool soap:


Here she is taking a nice bath which softened her up nicely!


And here she is on the Wooly Board drying to 42″……………………  I think I’m only supposed to use a WoolyBoard for fair isle sweaters, does anyone know?  Am I supposed to be drying this flat??


I will try to get some photo shots of ME wearing it next weekend.

Things Inquring Minds Want to Know (Kathe!)

  1. The sweater knits small.  After reading lots of blogs I went up a size.

  2. The arms are very long – I shortened my arms 2″ and they are still on the long side.

  3. I would kitchener the hood and then  pick up stitches up one side, across the hood and down the other side, knitting the ribbing in one piece as opposed to knitting it in two pieces and seaming together at the top.

  4. Although I bought the designated yarn amount, I ran out and did not have enough to bind off and sew the pieces together.  Buy an extra skein if using the Tahki Donegal Tweed.

  5. The Tahki Donegal Tweed is horrible to sew with, it weakens and breaks.  I had to use short pieces which, of course, meant more ends to weave in.

The greatest thing?  I am able to scratch off the first item on my TOP 10 Stash Busters list!  See the sidebar 🙂

22 Comments on “Central Park Hoodie Debut

  1. Congrats on finishing your CPH! I am excited to see you modeling it.

    I’m glad the steam helped with the hood; I’m sure the wet block will make it relax even more.

    I’m planning on knitting this again (maybe in the same gorgeous shade you picked — it’s lovely!), and on the next go I will definitely be knitting the next size up and shortening the sleeves.

  2. Congratulations! I could hear the drum roll as I opened your blog post!! It must feel very good to have it all completed. It looks lovely….and hope to see you modeling it very soon.

    Thanks also for listing your changes for next time. I AM going to make it one day….. I AM!! 🙂

    again – congrats!

  3. Wow, it looks fabulous. And congrats for having your first Stash project done already. I can’t wait to see your modeled shots!!

  4. Yay!!! It looks great. I can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing it.

    LOL about someone asking you to knit one by Christmas.

  5. Congratulations! Your CPH looks beautiful and I am anxious to see you modeling it. Now that you successfully seamed the CPH, the next sweater will be easier.

  6. It looks beautiful! Good job finishing it!

    As to your last post: How sweet those girls are!! Sounds like you all had fun:O)

  7. I saw that soaking in the water and I thought it had frostbite for a minute. The sweater looks great. I am thinking of making a hoodie sweater also.

  8. It is gorgeous in red Rebecca!! A beautiful cardigan! i’m looking forward to seeing it ON you – Don’t you just love it when a non knitter asks you to knit something for them? They REALLY don’t get it!!

  9. Congratulations! What a beautiful piece of work! I can’t do sweaters yet – I will get distracted before I finish the back of a sweater. I think I will stick to socks and bags for now… But you sure were close to enabling me into making this sweater! It is just gorgeous!

  10. Congratulations on a beautiful sweater!! You are brave to discuss your seaming of your first sweater. Mine? Well, I just accept compliments on the outside, but don’t let anyone look at the inside. It isn’t pretty.

    Happy Stash Busting! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. LOVE IT! I was fondling the magazine that the pattern is in but I hadn’t made up my mind to buy it yet. Now I must.

  12. Love the CPH, yours is looking great! I’m using Rowanpun Aran for mine and it is coming on well. I have knit the front, back and 2 of the sleeves. I did however, buy some non-tweedy aran yarn in a matching colour to seam with as I know tweedy yarn can be a nightmare to seam with.

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