Weekend Goodness

My weekend was filled with all kinds of goodness!  Every year I get together with friends to make a new Christmas decoration.  Last year, we made Advent Logs and this year we decided to make Pine Cone Tree Ornaments.  This craft was a little bit out of my comfort zone.  Hand me some knitting needles, ladies!  What do I do with this glue gun?  

Whilst everyone else left with 5-8 ornaments, I was happy with my TWO:


And, yesterday I had a tea party with my two very special friends.  I am not a grandma yet but I sure feel like one with these two little girls.  They sit with me every Sunday in church and come home with me often, sometimes even spending the night.  Although they are not my grandchildren, we have that ‘special’ bond and they fill the voids in my life since my own daughters have grown up and moved away.  I brought them home yesterday to help me decorate my house for Christmas but we got a little side-tracked with a Teddy Bear Tea Party!



3 Comments on “Weekend Goodness

  1. Little girls and tea parties. My girls love to do that. Your ornaments look great.

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