Knitting Stations

Where is most of your knitting getting done these days?  I have three spots in our home that my knitting hovers around.


The first place is my laptop.  During the last couple weeks I have knit four feet on the Noro Scarf while reading blogs.  Mindless knitting but NOT mindless reading, mind you.


Most recently, I have discovered that I can walk on the treadmill and knit a hat at the same time!  Of course, I am only walking three miles an hour but a mile is a mile! Right?  And, a six row repeat hat will get me 50 minutes of walking time.  I have always found treadmill walking extremely boring.  This treadmill used to sit closer to the television which helped somewhat.  However, I recently rearranged and now the line of vision to the television is skewed.  With the holiday knitting crunch on, I decided to give the treadmill knitting a try and was pleased to discover that ‘knitting’ makes the time go much faster than watching tv.  I wonder how many hats I can turn out before Christmas?


But my favorite knitting place is sitting in my old blue chair watching television or watching old movies.  The socks that I am currently working on, and there is ALWAYS a current pair, rests in one of my favorite Longaberger baskets, The Tiny Tote Basket.  It is just deep enough to stuff everything inside of.  The Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings are peeking out and, man oh man, they are taking forever.  Remember?  Size 12 length.  Size 0 needles.

Does your knitting follow YOU to favorite spots in YOUR house?

17 Comments on “Knitting Stations

  1. Since I am (usually) a one at a time kinda gal….I just drag my one poor project along with me wherever I go. Also – I have to be careful with laying projects around – Sofee has a sweet-tooth for needles you know. Seldom these days (as she’s all grown up) but she still gets that glimmer in her eye from time to time.

    I just ordered the Queensland yarn from Webs – in the green colorway. Think I’ll make “Place Cable Aran” from Interweave knits Fall 2007.


  2. You are the second blogger I’ve read this week to combine excercise with knitting. I just may have to try that.

    the first was Sheepish Annie (very funny blog) She knits while riding her exercycle.

    Of course you are both probably better multitaskers than I am. I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time (a fact made abundantly clear when I process down the aisle at church in the choir and always seem to wind up on the wrong verse!)

    Thanks for reading. I’m glad to be able to reach out to someone far away. Where in Colorado do you live? We used to ski in Breckenridge every year after Xmas when I was in high school and college (days long past as I am now your age – 51 years young.)


  3. Most of the time now adays I knit on the couch. We recently got a new one and it’s comfie. We’re saving to get the matching chair which I’ll probably take over when we get that. Otherwise, I occasionally do some knitting in my office while I’m on the computer, but not so much in the winter since there’s no heat in my office.

  4. The big projects live on the third floor (aka, the Yarn Room) with the stash, while the smaller projects travel with me between the living room, the bedroom, and the third floor. My sock bag (which travels in my purse) usually stays in my purse and comes out to play in the car (when I’m a passenger) or at work during my lunch break.

  5. Absolutely! There’s always one project in my bag, for my commute, usually another by the couch, and once in a while one on my nightstand too. Though I must say I’m impressed with the knitting on the treadmill! My treadmill is at the gym, not in my living room, so I don’t know how well that would go over… 🙂

  6. I can’t believe you can knit on the treadmill! I am scared to try!!! I love your Noro scarf. It’s on my list, I just wish I liked the colors I bought better.

    Thanks for your very nice comments on my Ruffles. Re. the Anniversary Socks … it turns out I am also not happy with the heel. A few other people mentioned the heel flap being very short and horizontal and it’s true; it doesn’t fit well at all, at least not on me.

  7. How do you guys knit and walk or ride at the same time? I don’t know that I’m that talented, although I do haul my current project everywhere I go: meetings, kids’ dance practice, different rooms in the house… I found your blog through Anne (red sox fan), and I’ve been induced to join the Pay It Forward circle — great idea! Thanks for getting it started 🙂

  8. WoW! I am impressed. I sweat too much to knit during such exercise endeavors. I tried once on a recumbent exercise bike, but it was a no-go. The closest I get to exercising while knitting is to use my stability ball for a seat.

  9. Yes indeed it does. I always have my 4 or 5 projects next to my knitting spot in front of the TV and also one or two projects in my bedroom that I knit on for a few minutes before I go to sleep. When the bedroom project gets big enough (grows up) I transfer it downstairs to be with the big kids. I just brought down a feather and fan scarf for my DS new girlfriend. Now have to find something for the upstairs bedroom to start again.

  10. I see you really meant it when you said you are still knitting your DH’s socks.(vbg) I sit in my Lazy-Boy chair when I knit and watch old movies or old TV shows. I really should buy a treadmill again!

  11. I only have 2 favorite spots in the house – one downstairs on the couch in front of the TV & the other upstairs on my own chair also in front of the TV. The other spot is the car when my hisband is driving. I walk on the threadmill everyday but have not try knitting on it.

  12. I think that there is some form of knitting in every room of my house. Some rooms more than others. 😉

    The hat is so pretty. That is great that you can knit and walk on the treadmill at the same time. What a great way to pass the time and to get 2 things accomplished at the same time.

  13. All my knitting lives in my desk, but gets taken out for strolls, and tv knitting whenever possible. I also have a sock in progress that lives in my car for waiting in line or at a doctor’s office.

  14. I love the Noro scarf! I want to start one of those. I should really try the exercise/knitting thing. My body definitely shows that I don’t do it now! After 35 it sure is hard to get it off and keep it off.

  15. I love that Noro scarf! I’ve seen a few other people making these and I just can’t wait to start something with Noro too. I finally chose a design and I’ll be getting started on a Noro purse just as soon as my Christmas knitting is a bit more under control.

    My knitting usually travels with me wherever I go. I’ve only got 1 WIP at the moment so that goes with me wherever I go, but the majority of the progress gets done at night watching tv with my husband and dog.

  16. My yarn follows me to the front seat of the car. Socks keep me company while I wait for my daughter afterschool. (Or, they keep me from watching my husband’s driving on long trips!)
    We’re looking at a treadmill…what kind do you have that has that wonderful spot to hang your knitting bag and WIP?

  17. Most of my projects sit next to my Lazy Boy chair (it is the chair with the best light, not to mention the fact that it is the most comfortable seat in the house). I try to always have a pair of socks in my backpack or whatever bag I’m taking with me on the bus.

    I have not mastered the art of knitting while internet surfing (I only have dial-up at home) or while exercising. Maybe that is something I should work towards, but I have nightmares of looking down at the elliptical machine gears and finding the yarn all entwined.

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