Galway Hat – Busting the Stash

My treadmill hat, the Galway Hat, is finished and I can cross another project off my TOP 10 STASH PROJECTS KAL list.


Galway Hat

PATTERN:  The Galway Man’s Cap

YARN:  2 skeins of Zealana 2020 in Natural

NEEDLES:  Size 8 needles 16″circular and Size 8 doublepoints

This yarn was new to me and oh so luxurious!  It is 80% Merino wool and 20% Delaka.  I have NO IDEA what Delaka is but it sure is soft!  The cap was knit for my husband who decided it was too to ‘fru-fru’ for a him, a manly man.  I don’t mind because now it is MINE and I can always use a nice deep hat for snow days like today:

Snowy Day

Does anyone know of a non ‘FRU-FRU’ hat pattern I can use for my manly, man?

25 Comments on “Galway Hat – Busting the Stash

  1. How about just a simple 2×2 ribbing hat in a manly color. They are good mindless knitting too that you don’t have to think too much about and projects like that are really nice sometimes.

  2. Beautiful hat! I don’t think it is too fru-fru for your DH but if he does, better for you.(LOL) As Robin said, a simple 2×2 ribbing is a pattern most men will wear.

  3. The hat is gorgeous.

    I agree with the others about a ribbed hat. I use a black fingering weight in a 1×1 rib and make it extra deep so that my husband can roll the brim and keep his ears extra warm. I even had to make on for my 2 year old so he could have a hat like his Daddy’s. 🙂

  4. Your hat is gorgeous. Notice I said “your” hat! His loss – your gain! My husband loves the double knit one that I made him. Pretty “Plain John”, but he’s a manly man too! He also likes the one I made for my Jasen, it was just a twisted rib hat, several colors used to match his glittens. It has the fold over edging which makes for double warmth.

    Men! But then, we love their “manly” ness, don’t we??

  5. Mine won’t wear hats because they are all too fru fru…plus its too hot here. 80f out today.

  6. I was very curious about what the heck Delaka is, so I went and Googled it. The answer is: It’s New Zealand possum!

  7. Love the hat! Now you only have a top 8 list! woo hoo!! The hat is georgous! As for a manly hat… just plain old rib, I prefer the 3×1 or 3×2 look.

  8. I love the hat! I don’t think it is frou-frou at all. But as you say, all the better for you. 🙂

    And re. my Options needles — my parents actually had sent me a birthday check; they hadn’t specified needles or anything in particular …

  9. My spouse likes a basic watch cap –but is also willing to wear a version of the London Beanie and (although i apparently can’t knit the darn pattern to save my life) he’s one of the three men in my life with an eye on the Koolhaas hat from the IK holiday knits issue — you can see pics of both on Ravelry.

  10. I love that hat, think it is not really a ‘fru fru’, maybe colour is too light? I knitted my boyfriend Zeebee recently and he does wear it!

  11. The hat is quite lovely!!
    …and is there anyway to get in on this knitalong? it really sounds like something to motivate me as I knit through the stash 🙂

  12. My man really liked the Typhus (on Knitty) with it’s vertical stripes. The sizing is tricky, though, it tends to run large.

  13. That added possum content makes for such soft yarn. Also, I have convinced myself that those possums are nothing like the ones around here that creep me out so much.

    If that hat is too fancy, he probably just wants ribbing and stockinette. Not so interesting to knit, but would probably work out for the treadmill.

  14. I’d go with the others who suggest a simple ribbed hat. My husband won’t wear anything that isn’t stockinette or ribbed, and he certainly wouldn’t wear anything with a cable in it, so I understand your plight. But you are certainly benefitting from your husband’s pickiness!

  15. Dave won’t wear any hat/mittens with cables – I thought he would like those Chevalier mittens, but NO – “those are women’s mittens” – funny though …he wears both of the “Hat’s On” colorwork hats I made – maybe your husband would go for one of those?? (It’s about as wild as Dave gets, so it might be over the line for your husband)
    On another note…I LOVE the Galway Man’s Cap for ME – where did you find that pattern?

  16. Wow, you have finished two projects already!! I’ve managed about two inches of one sock.

    Do you have a backup plan in case you complete your 10 projects before the end of December?? You could have some of my projects that I know won’t get done… Hee hee

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