Nominations Being Accepted

We had a beautiful weekend up here in the Rockies.  Lots of snow for you skiers!  There is more snow expected this evening and I am supposed to have jury duty tomorrow so I hope I can get out of my neighborhood to do my civic duty.  The husband is working from home today and all is cozy in the cabin.  We just need to start a fire in the fireplace and all would be perfect.

Winter Morning

I have been inspired by Theresa’s determination to go into 2008 with a clean slate and have been rummaging through baskets to see what unfinished projects I have left on the needles.  Like many of you, I have decided to frog the ones that I no longer have inspiration to finish.  As I have done so, I’ve sensed a knitters kind of euphoria – LOL.  I have far more projects on the needles than I want to confess but I have resolved to do better next year!  Right now it is looking like I will be carrying five sweaters into the New Year and one pair of fair isle mittens.   Those projects will go on my NEXT Top 10 Stash Buster list!


With all this winding of frogged projects into tidy skeins I have realized that my Royal Ball Winder is by far my favorite knitting notion!  Some of you are doing some Christmas shopping for your favorite knitters right now.  For those still wondering what knitting notions every knitter wants, in my humble opinion it would be a Royal Ball Winder.  My runner up is the KnitPicks Chart Keeper which can travel with me everywhere.



But I am curious about what YOU think every knitter should have.  If you could only pick ONE notion that you just could not live without, what would it be?  Inquiring minds want to know!  And, maybe there is something I need to tell Santa that I just can’t live without.

20 Comments on “Nominations Being Accepted

  1. I agree about the ball winder and the chart keeper. I have them both and use them all the time. I also love my swift. And for a very small knitting accessory I can’t live without, I’d say my Clover mini kacha counter. I have about five of them and LOVE them!!! 🙂

  2. I LOVE my chart keeper. I didn’t realize how much I’d love it until the one I sent to you came in, and let’s just say it was a struggle to put it in the box and send it off to you. Fortunately there was an easy fix to the problem — I just ordered another one for myself!

  3. I think I would have to say my needle gauge. There are so many needles that I have that the size has been worn off. I would really like the needle gauge necklace.

  4. Frogging can be a lot of fun if the project just isn’t doing it for you anymore!!

    I think my favorite, can’t live without it, notion is actually a sewing notion. I have a thimble, made of a hardish, bendable plastic, that I wear on my left index finger. I wear it most of the time when I am knitting because sometimes I push the needles with that finger and I bruise very very easily. I can’t knit or type with a bruised finger so its more like a necessity then anything!

  5. Ballwinder and swift are invaluable resources. A niddy noddy is an often overlooked one, but great if you are dyeing.

  6. I know you asked for only “one” favorite notion but for the Royal Ballwinder to work properly, my Swift is No. 1 My Knitpicks Options circular needle set is 3d and my most useful book is Ann Budd’s “Handy Book of Patterns”.

  7. My Chibi needles. They are great for getting under the stitches to graft them together and they are so smoooth.

  8. I love my swift and ball winder….something about winding those pretty cakes from a skein is so much fun for me. I use my little digital scale all the time too – great for dividing those skeins exactly in half for 2 nice cakes of yarn for socks/mittens. Oh and blocking wires were a smart purchase too – I could go on and on , but I have to make breakfast for 2 hungry boys!

  9. Wine. (It really *is* a knitting notion.) Other than that, I like the metal board I have with magnets to keep track of my charts when I knit. I also love my ball winder and the swift my husband made me.

  10. Wow, it is hard to come up with just one!!

    So many of my favorites have been mentioned already (chart keeper, ball winder, swift), but how about a good knitting bag? I love knowing that my favorite bag waits patiently by my chair, ready to grab to go knit at a moment’s notice.

  11. I’m in the market for a new ball winder. I’ve got the red one. Ugh. If I had to pick one knitting notion that I couldn’t do without, it would be a nice sharp pair of embroidery scissors. I just love mine.

  12. Deep Sheep made his or her (gender is unclear at this point) first appearance in Saturday’s post: Conspiracy Theory. The CIA denied his/her existence yesterday (HAH! Like I believe them…)

  13. Isn’t frogging stalled projects freeing? And isn’t it great that we have so many things to help with knitting. I’m especially fond of my crochet hooks.

  14. My stitch markers – the locking ones from Clover – they are just great for keeping track of the increased rows, starting round, whatever that needs to be marked. I can’t live without them & I think I have at least a hundred of them scattered in my many knitting bags & fav knitting corners.

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