Six Feet of Noro

Six feet of Noro Scarf all finished.  I first saw this scarf on the Brooklyn Tweed blog and it was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, since I had already joined the Top Ten Stash Buster KAL I knew I could not purchase the same yarn that Jared used.  I knew I would have to rummage around in my stash and I did.  So HALF of my scarf is Noro Kureyon and the other half is Patons Classic Merino in olive.  Although this scarf is not as beautiful as the one I first adored, I still love it.  And, come March 31st…………………..  I’m ordering the yarn for the other one!

This is a basic 1×1 ribbed scarf.  I slipped the first and last stitch every other row so the color travels nicely up the selvedge.  Six feet of Noro Scarf.  Six pictures. 

Mile One


Mile Two


Mile Three


Mile Four

(‘When are you ever going to finish this thing, can’t you see I’m ready to snuggle down in your lap?’)


Mile Five


Mile Six


Sorry for the endless miles (feet) of pictures but I thought that was the only way to capture the reality that this scarf went on and on and on and on………..     Another Top Ten Stash Buster crossed off my list!

17 Comments on “Six Feet of Noro

  1. SLOW DOWN!!!! Isn’t there a knitting speed limit??!! I don’t think they meant to bust your stash in one month!! 🙂 WOWSERS!!! I love that scarf, I may need to peruse it as I have lots of Noro and Cascade that would work beautifully. Terrific job, you are an inspiration!!

  2. Very nice – you and Kathy are making me want to knit the Noro scarf, even if it was almost 80 degrees all last week. Your puppy is adorable!

  3. So Lady, we are about to leave and sign papers on our house and all I can think is should I get my Noro out and cast on for the scarf? DH thinks I am dreaming dreams of house things but I am thinking what coats I have to match which colorways….The scarf is so beautiful, thanks for sharing and knitting at lightening speed so we can see your things so quickly, LOL
    I think I need to make a few for DS1 friends who will be helping with the move…hmmm….visions of Noro stripes danced in her head…

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