Ornament Tag

After miles and miles of Noro Scarf, stacks of Chrismas cards to be addressed, busting the stash and endless inches of this……

 Gentleman’s Shooting Sock

I decided to take a little break and knit The Loopy Ewe’s Red Sock Kit that I received when I placed my fourth order with her. 

 Red Sock Kit

As I knit this cute little sock I had all sorts of ideas – a special sock tree next year stuffing them with gift cards or money?  Valentine socks sent in a card with a love note?  Baby Socks on a tree for an expectant Mum?  The sky is the limit with what you can do with these adorable socks!  Mine has landed on the Christmas tree next to one of my favorite ornaments, Flapper Frog Lady.  Can you see how she is admiring the little red sock?  I’ve informed her that this is what I can produce if she will keep me out of the frog pond!


Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament relevant to our knitting hobby?  Would you like to play ornament tag? If you do, here is how you play:

  1. Take a picture of your ornament and put it on your blog telling us about it.
  2. Post a link to the person on whom’s blog you found out about Ornament Tag.
  3. Post the rules.

And, before we know it, there will be knitting ornaments to treat all of our knitting eyes all over knitting blogland!

8 Comments on “Ornament Tag

  1. Love the little sock & it looks so nice on the tree. Your Noro scarf looks great too – that must be tough knitting as it goes on forever……

  2. What an adorable little sock. Sadly I don’t have any ornaments pertaining to knitting. Most all of ours are hand made from years ago.

  3. Hi Rebecca, I love Knit Knack best of the shops. She has a good sock yarn selection. It is just a hop off I-70 at Wadsworth north to 55th (Ruby Tuesday on corner) left to Grandview and right to 7505 Grandview. They are not open Mondays. Of course will be closed the 25th and 1st. Other wise 10-8 Tues – Thurs, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 Sun 12-5. Otherwise Shuttles in Boulder.

  4. I love your frog ornament. I don’t have any knitting related ornaments yet. I did get a darling one with wine bottles though this year. I’m surprised my kids haven’t found a knitting ornament just to tease me with. They laugh at my knitting a lot. I do notice however that none of them leave their knitted slippers in the closet…….hmmm…

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