Back Into the Swing of Things

The family has left, the laundry is done, the New Year has been toasted in and I have resumed knitting……  I have not yet made my way through all of your blogs to see how you faired through Christmas activities and will, hopefully, do so soon!

I do have some happy recipients of my knitted gifts to show you however, Allison managed to leave without a photoshot of her Shedir hat. 

My husband has worn his Noro scarf several times and it is serving its main purpose, keeping his neck warm in our frigid Colorado temperatures.

Don’s Noro Scarf

The size 12, never ending Gentleman’s Shooting Socks were finished for his December 22nd birthday right in the nick of time.  The fit is snug and perfect!  They have been worn endlessly and shown off with pride to family members and friends (this guy really appreciates hand-knit socks which always makes it well worth the effort they take).

Don’s Shooting Stockings

Pattern:  Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings from Vintage Socks

Yarn:  KnitPicks Essential Tweed

Needle Size:  2.0mm

No modifications were made.

My oldest daughter, Jennifer, liked her Koolhaus Hat in the Moda Dea Washable Wool and suggested that perhaps a matching scarf should be added to ‘To Knit’ list.


The hat is cute but it is not the reason for that ‘twinkle’ in her eyes……… more details will come soon (wink).

I received lots of knitting goodies for Christmas – yummy yarns, knitting books and DVDs – but the BEST thing of all was to have my two girls at home under the same roof with hubby and me!  Oh how I wish they didn’t live so far away.


I’m still working down my stash buster list and the project that is receiving the most attention is the DALE of NORWAY Baby Yoke Sweater for my great-niece.  Her one year old birthday is at the end of February so I need to hustle!  It won’t be too difficult because this colorful sweater is fun to knit!


I hope you have all survived the holidays!  My New Year’s knitting resolution is to knit from my Top Ten Stash Buster list.  When I get through that list I will come up with a second one.   This method has worked for me since Thanksgiving for I can’t tell you how many projects I have wanted to cast on and resisted the temptation because of my stash buster list – LOL.  Did any of YOU make some knitting resolutions for 2008?

20 Comments on “Back Into the Swing of Things

  1. What wonderful pictures of your family – I love how happy everyone looks!!

    My 2008 goals are similar to yours. I need to finish my Top 10 Stash list. Included in that is finishing up all my current WIPs. I also want to extend my yarn diet until Rhinebeck. And knit gifts continuously through out the year instead of waiting until before Christmas.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Your daughters are lovely and your husband looks dashing in his new scarf. How nice to have family members who appreciate finely knit gifts.

    Wishing you a joyous and peace filled 2008.

  3. Lovely family pics! I can tell that baby sweater is going to be breathtaking… can’t wait to see it! Go top 10 stash buster!!!!

  4. I imagine the sparkle in her eye might have to do with another sparkley bit. I love the baby sweater in progress. My knitting goals for 2008 are learn more sock techniques, finish a lace project, and knit Papa Urchin a sweater.

  5. What a beautiful family!!! Nice to hear you had a wonderful holiday…..I am trying to also follow the list stash busting for the new year…I think after the first ten though the next list will only be 5 long….

  6. What sweet family times! All your knits are gorgeous. I’m not surprised that they were received so happily.

    I need to make one of those stash buster lists….yup!

  7. Beautiful family and beautiful made knits…you are blessed.
    Thanks for sharing…Lots of sparkles in the eyes for our girls this year too….
    Happy New Year

  8. What a beautiful family. You are fortunate to have a DH who appreciates your handknits, especially the socks since I know the effort you put into knitting them. My knitting goal is to learn to make color stranded mittens and hats and also use some of my stash.

  9. So glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday season with your family! (Can’t wait to hear what the big news is!)

    My main knitting resolution for 2008 is to knit down my stash. I have enough yarn for something like 6-8 sweaters, which should take plenty of time to get through, so there’s really no reason to buy more, right?

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of your husband before?? He looks very handsome in his new scarf! (his feet look quite nice too!). That little great niece is going to have and amazingly beautiful bright yoke sweater – there’s nothing that compares to Dale of Norway!
    Can’t wait to hear of your daughter’s news….

  11. Was that a Ring on her finger???? I am glad that you had a great Christmas. The baby sweater is so cute.

  12. Wow, it looks like you had a blessed Christmas! How wonderful it is to knit for those we love most… and have them appreciate it! I hope the new year is just as good (even better) to you and yours.

  13. You have done a great job with your Christmas knitting. Your family looks so nice in your handknits. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog – I only decided in late 2007 not to knit sweaters & the 2 sweaters that I knitted were earlier on. 2008 resolution is to knit from stash & resist the temptation to buy more. Happy New Year.

  14. Beautiful family! Knits, everything!

    It’s sort of nice getting life back to normal, but we do miss our kids don’t we?!?

    Resolution – more charity knitting in 2008. And I would like to whittle down this stash of yarn, but charity knitting should do that quite nicely.

  15. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing all your family joys this Christmas. I too am determined to work on my stashbuster projects this winter.

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