A is for Aran

A is for Aran


And for those of you who have been watching me knit for a while, you will know all about my passion for Aran knitting! 

Vickie Back Progress

I still remember walking into a store in Walnut Creek, California and seeing my very first Fisherman Sweater and ‘petting’ it as I marveled over all the twists and turns of the cables.  I was only a young girl then and I had no money to purchase that gorgeous sweater; aside from that,  the sweater was in the Men’s Department.  But, oh how those twists and turns captivated me and right then and there I decided I would learn to knit so that someday I could knit my own fisherman sweater!

Nowadays, my Aran knitting is not confined to sweaters but has expanded to socks, hats and scarves.  My eye is drawn to a pattern with a cable twist in it long before a lace patterns catches my attention.  I suspect this will be a lifelong love affair for me.  In fact, I should probably knit up some fisherman sweaters for my man because I think men look pretty handsome in those fishermen sweaters 🙂

I have three Aran sweaters on my needles right now:  the Must Have Cardigan, St. Brigid and Vickie.  The photograph above is of Vickie, a Black Water Abbey pattern and the one below is of St. Brigid. 


If you want to learn about the history of Aran knitting, or if you want to knit a fabulous fisherman sweater with your own needles, I highly recommend one of my favorite Alice Starmore books, Fisherman Sweaters. 


And, if you want to participate in the 2008 ABC Along, you have until January 19th to blog about ‘A’.  More details are on Knitorious.

8 Comments on “A is for Aran

  1. I want to see your finished St. Brigid.(vbg) I have the same Alice Starmore book but haven’t knit from it. It’s almost enough to just look at the gorgeous sweaters.

  2. I love seeing the gorgeous Arans others knit. I would like to knit one for myself, but that would be so impractical around here. Maybe one day! You have done such beautiful work.

  3. Ah, Walnut Creek! I grew up in that town, and still live close. What store? I love Arans too, and am trying to gear up to knit one as well.

  4. I went to Walnut Creek to go to the Rivendell shop, we are bicycle collectors and to see their bikes live was a thrill…..I am glad I didn’t venture round too too much in case there was a knitting store….I share your love for Aran and may have to peruse that site.

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