What a difference the hand makes when it comes to stranded knitting!  How could I have forgotten that the part of the motif one wants to stand out should be carried in the left hand?    I knew this, I really did.

And, how could I have ignored the following warning at the top of the Dale of Norway pattern?

Watch gauge carefully to obtain the correct finished measurements!

I have been merrily knitting away for the past week engrossed in an audio book, The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George.  I have NOT been thinking about gauge NOR have I given a second thought as to what color my left hand has been holding or what color yarn my right hand has been holding.  Instead, I have been enjoying my book. 

In fact, I did not notice anything amiss until I approached the end of the yoke pattern and realized the magical  5-7/8″ was nearing.  It would be at this point that two pivotal changes would take place in this sweater.   The magical 5-7/8″ was the point in time when I was to slip 74 sts to stitch holders for the sleeves.  And, the magical 5-7/8″ would transform this sweater from an ‘audio book’ sweater to a ‘treadmill ‘sweater for it was at this point that I would be working the remaining part of the body in straight stockinette stitch. 

To my dismay, my trusty tape measure delivered the fatal news – my gauge was off, way off .  The yoke was too long.  And, as I was carefully taking a gauge measurement I noticed that the red floral motif looked a little fuzzy and not as distinct as I wanted it to be.

So……………………………….frog, frog, frog………….several days worth of knitting frogged away.  

I’m pleased with the results.  Are you able to see the difference or is my eye just a little over discerning?  Here is the motif reknit at the correct gauge.  The red yarn was carried in my left hand for stranding:

Left Dominant Color

 And below is the knitting before it was frogged with the red yarn held in the right hand.

Baby Dale Sweater

Can you see the difference?

9 Comments on “Stranding

  1. That’s an awful lot of frogging! It does look more distinct. Beautiful color work. That sounds like an engaging book. I can’t knit anything I have to think about and listen to a book, too.

  2. It does look a bit more defined after the frogging! It’s hard to see so much work frogged, but the sweater is better for it. I read Memoirs and loved it! It’s quite a big book. You’ll have lots more knitting time.

  3. Why is it important what hand is holding what? Does it matter whether you knit English or Continental?

  4. Er, maybe I’m just being dense, but the bottom picture looks more distinct to me. Am I misreading?

  5. I found that it does matter indeed. I did a pair of stranded socks, and it does make a difference which hand holds the background color.
    That is one lovely sweater pattern!

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