Assignment: Ghetto Lighting

The Digital Photography School assignment for the week is on Ghetto Lighting.  This term, ‘ghetto lighting’, simply means to use whatever light source you have on hand to take your photograph.  No flash photography allowed…just whatever light source is readily available. 

Since I am also participating in Project Spectrum, I tried to pick colors reflecting the FIRE theme (red, orange, gold):


My light source for this orange was a small kitchen lamp that is on my kitchen counter.  The light is sitting on the right side of the orange.


The light source I used for my Nutcracker was a small flashlight aimed upward on the lefthand side.  I had so much fun with this light source as I highlighted different areas of Mr. Nutcracker’s face, nose and hair.  I settled on the one highlighting the axe because it made the photo look like the sun was rising and the time of execution had arrived…LOL

And, in case you are wondering if I still have my Christmas decorations are up the answer is YES.  I can’t seem to get myself motivated to take them down but I will, I will.

4 Comments on “Assignment: Ghetto Lighting

  1. Your pictures are well taken. I have also juts took down my Christmas decorations & put thme all in storage.

  2. How cool that you are working at your photography. I’ll check that link in a minute.

    I still have a wreath on my door that I can’t bear to take down. It still smells good!

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