Shingle Creek Trail Socks

One of my Mother’s Day gifts last year was the Shingle Creek Trail Sock Kit from Wooly Wonka Fibers.  The yarn in this kit is 100% Wool Superwash and I selected the Red Rock colorway. 

My intention was to take you on a photo tour of Garden of the Gods, an incredible Colorado red rock panorama, but alas……the temperatures have dropped to bone chilling temperatures that make photo shots a bit miserable.  The color of this yarn reminds me of the red granite that surrounds my home.  In fact, my red granite driveway is this very color.  I can’t show you my driveway either because it is snow-packed and won’t be visible until spring.

Shingle Creek Socks - View one



The designer of this pattern, Anne Podlesak, was inspired by Shingle Creek located high in the Uinta Mountains in Utah.  She states on the pattern that this creek curves through an aspen and spruce forest along a rocky creek bed.  Anne choose the curved cable and moss pattern to reflect the geological characteristics of Shingle Creek.

Pattern:  Shingle Creek Trail Socks

Source:  Wooly Wonka Fibers

Needles:  Size 2.25 Hiyahiya circular needles

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

14 Comments on “Shingle Creek Trail Socks

  1. Very nice! Love the pattern, and the color is one of my all time favs. Yep – Garden of the Gods! Stomped around there many times. You certainly are making good progress on your list of 10 stash busters!

  2. Looks like they’d match the beautiful rocks in Garden of the Gods perfectly! Very pretty socks!!

  3. Gorgeous. I love when sock yarn colors remind us of other special things. It makes the knitting and wearing even better.

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