B is for Benevolence


B is for Benevolence


Defined as – the disposition to do good;  good will; kindness;  charitableness accompanied with a desire to promote their happiness.

I have conducted several sock swaps this past year and have been struck by the overall benevolent attitude of the swappers with each other.  The vast majority of the participants have had a great desire to give happiness to the recipients of their packages.  In fact, anyone who takes the time to knit a pair of socks for a complete stranger is , in my opinion, benevolent!

And then there are those benevolent people who give to others expecting nothing in return.  I have been the happy recipient of two such knitters that I have had the great privledge of meeting through the knitting blogosphere……….

The first is Lynne, a participant in my Hogwarts Sock Swap Three.  Lynne’s pal was tardy sending her package and she had just about given up hope of getting one.  As I tried to remedy the situation Lynne learned that my own Hogwarts Pal had never sent me a package.  Unsolicited, Lynne good-heartedly put together a Gryffindor package for me just because she felt I needed to be rewarded for all the hard work that when into the swap.  Her thoughtfulness and consideration touched me greatly.  Just look at this BEAUTIFUL yarn she sent me!  Lynne is also a sock pattern designer and her patterns are being sold in stores.  She send me a stack of those along with some sock needles and tea.

  Gryffindor Yarn

The second benevolent knitter that touched me this year was Anne, the Geocaching Knitter.  I enjoy watching Anne turn out her beautiful fair isle sweaters.  Her prolific knitting has inspired me for the last three years!  After admiring her Hemsdale Sweater, and leaving a comment saying that it reflected the environment I lived in and I really needed one for myself, Anne surprised me by telling me she was finished with the pattern and would send it to me.  Her magnanimous package arrived with not just the pattern, but with great big charts, notes and two other ‘mountain living’  sweater patterns. 


You really must see Anne’s Hemsdale sweater to catch the true beauty of the colors.  If you love this sweater as much as I do, follow this link to Anne’s Hemsdale and leave her a comment telling her so.  If you want true sweater inspiration, browse around a bit! 

B is also for Bookmark, and here is a beautiful hardanger bookmark that my daughter Jennifer made for me several years ago when she was feeling particularly benevolent toward her Mum.


B is also for BRIDE

Jennifer is going to be a bride on August 2nd!


And last but not least, 

B is also for BOB, Jennifer’s beau and my future son-in-law!


13 Comments on “B is for Benevolence

  1. Congrats Jennifer!!!!! The socks look great as usual Rebecca. I have been wanting to make a sweater for a while but always end up not doing it. I am determined to make one for myself this year. Probably not anything that complicated just yet though.

  2. Congratulations!! This is such a special time for your family. Enjoy all the planning and preparation. My prayer for this precious couple is Proverbs 24:3-4

  3. Congratulations, Jennifer! Let me know if you want to talk wedding planning. I am still in the middle of planning our church wedding and reception for April 🙂

  4. Yay for Jennifer, Bob, and for your family! It’s wonderful to see two people in love and committing to each other.

  5. What happy news! And so many good things at once. That is one awesome sweater. I hope you get to make it soon.

  6. Congratulations – you must be very excited! I believe that benevolence begets benevolence as you are such a generous person.

  7. Awww…they are so cute…congrats. August2? WOW things move quickly out there. Around here it is 18-24 months to plan a wedding…..always seemed ridiculously long to me.
    I didn’t know you never got a package from your partner….wowzers…glad to see someone angelled you.
    I agree, Ann’s Hemsdale was always a truly gorgeous accomplishment. Lucky you to get the pattern. I believe she and I exchanged a pattern way back in the beginning of the Dale KAL.
    Between cruising and wedding, you have a very busy year….have fun.

  8. Great NEWS!
    They are lovely couple also make use smile!
    That sweater looks looks lot of work! Good luck!

    Also chack out my knitting blog too see what to think ..if have a time! Also leave tyour comment too!



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