Sockdown Ravelry – January Challenge

Sockdown Ravelry is a year-long personal knitting challenge hosted by the Sockknitters Anonymous group on Ravelry.  The challenge was designed to encourage kntters to try different techniques, master new skills and try new designers. 


Each month, knitters can choose between a designer or a technique.  The January choices are to either try intarsia knitting or to knit a pattern by one of my favorite designers, Cookie A.   I would love to try intarsia but since I am on a ‘Dale Baby Yoke’ deadline I opted for one of Cookie’s many patterns I have yet to knit.

I’ve chosen the BFF Sock pattern.  The acronym, BFF, stands for best friends forever.  I won’t be knitting these socks for my best friend but will be knitting them for myself.  However, in the spirit of friendship, I have chosen yarn that I received from my Monkey Sock Swap Pal, Chrispy.  And, I am using some vintage Aero double point needles that Ronnie, my sock friend in England, sent me last year.


One sock cuff finished……….push on……….push on

11 Comments on “Sockdown Ravelry – January Challenge

  1. Love the progress you’re making your bff. I’ve finished my first BFF and loved knitting it. I used Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, gifted to me by a swap pal.

  2. wow and I thought you were hearing the siren call of two of Cookie A’s other patterns.

    Well these look beautiful. I am so happy you chose to use your gifted yarn so soon.

  3. something happened when i started knitting that pattern and i think it’s a mistake i made – seeing how yours is turning out, seems like i need to try again….

  4. Nice socks. The yarn and pattern go well together. Cookie A is also a favorite but I wish she would publish a book.(vbg)

  5. Beautiful sock! You just can’t go wrong with a Cookie pattern either.

    I have been away from sock knitting for awhile, but I keep seeing projects that are tempting me to return to my old love. This one is one of those….

  6. The sock looks lovely – love the pattern – have to go & take a look & maybe put it on my list. Thanks.

  7. I love the colour of your yarn, it’s very rich. I haven’t tried that pattern yet. I must add it to my list 🙂

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