Project Spectrum Stitch Markers

Instead of being attentive to the Superbowl last night, I made some Project Spectrum stitch markers. 

Project Spectrum 



And since the Project Spectrum ‘element’ for February and March is FIRE, I took a picture of them in front of our Superbowl fire last night just for fun!


They will spice up my Valentine Day knitting.  I’m casting on the Sweetheart Socks  in Interweave’s Holiday Knits this afternoon using a bright red yarn.  I’ll have to change the heel so they will qualify for February Sockdown.  We are supposed to be trying new heels in February or knitting a pattern by Eunny Jang.  And then…..there is Cat Borhdi’s book that I received for Christmas….there are LOTS of new heels in that book!

7 Comments on “Project Spectrum Stitch Markers

  1. Those are very pretty stitch markers. I’m doing the Rainbow socks for the February sockdown…and doing them toe up which is a new heel for me.

    Good luck with your sock!!

  2. love the stitch markers. What’s the gorgeous cabled item they are being shown in front of? (Oh gosh don’t tell my mom I ended a sentence with “of”)

  3. They are lovely & I love the colors. Your pictures are so well taken – I think I have a lot to learn in this area.

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