Winter Storm Reflection

Another snowstorm blew in and dumped six more inches on our snowcovered acreage.  We won’t be seeing the ground until late spring.  Hubby took my SUV leaving me homebound for the fourth day in a row.  Hmmmm…..more knitting?  How much knitting can a gal stand?



One of the things I enjoy most after a snowfall has abated is being able to see ‘who’ has been tramping around the perimeter of my cabin.  I spotted tracks coming up the side steps – do you see them?  And I followed them all the way up to a downstairs window.  They are most definitely deer tracks, but what was this deer doing looking in a window?


Snooks has informed me that they are NOT his tracks!  The poor little guy could hardly walk straight after his morning constitutional.  He needs some doggy boots!  He also needs a haircut!


This was a mild winter storm.  The most severe Colorado winter storm I can remember was a blizzard back in October of 1999.  My husband, away on a business trip back east, tried to outrun the storm.  He let me know he was going to try to do this early in the morning.  He made it all the way to Denver only to find out his commuter flight had been cancelled to Colorado Springs.  Not thinking to call his anxious wife to let her know he had made it that far, he chartered a van with several other people.  It took them eleven hours to get to the Colorado Springs airport on a stretch of highway that normally takes a little over an hour.  When they got to the CS airport it had been shut down and his car was buried in snow.  He spent the whole weekend at the airport. 

The worst part about this severe winter storm?  It was before we had a cell phone and I went almost 24 hours without knowing where he was or if he was safe.  The second worst thing?  It was my birthday and I was homebound with two little girls.

What about you?  Can YOU reflect back and share a story about a severe winter storm that is memorable your life? If you can, please share it in the comments.

11 Comments on “Winter Storm Reflection

  1. I can remember the big blizzard we had here in the early ’90s. At the time, my grandmother was still alive and used to come to our house for dinner every Friday night. That particular night, she came for dinner — and then wound up staying the whole week while we were snowed in!

  2. The “Storm of the Century” … maybe March of ’99 — we had a horrific storm night. There were high winds, hail, and rain.

    We outran the hail storm and got into the garage just in time. Our car was spared the denting so many others got.

    We were supposed to have our front door replaced that morning. Around 7 A.M. the installer called and said he couldn’t get out of his neighborhood because of downed trees. We rescheduled later in the week and it was a good thing we did. That afternoon a huge branch came out of our oak tree and nailed the front door leaving a huge dent. That would have been my NEW door if the installer wasn’t stuck at his house!

    And then there was 2004 when we experienced 3 hurricanes in two weeks —my inlaws arrived the next day. They had not ever been to our home. They got to see the “best” of Florida living — 1/2 our roof was gone, we had no power and trees were down everywhere. BUT … the pool was still clean and we had a gas grill. While the kids played in the pool we cooked up all the meats and veggies we could and had a huge picnic outside.

  3. Well, CA isn’t known for it’s great storms, but the first winter in our first house, we had a big windstorm that broke down our back fence. My husband was away on business, and so I had a lovely view of the vacant lot behind our house for a few days before he could get home and help me push it up.

  4. Hmmm, let me get through today’s storm…it may be memorable! 12 inches so far and they are predicitng that we still have four hours to go.
    However, prior to today, April 10, 1972 or3: it was my brother’s birthday and he was getting a Big Wheel…that was he would get his birthday present once we could dig out and get to my grandparent’s house in order to pick up his gifts!

  5. Beautiful snowy pictures and your doggy is so cute!

    I don’t remember it very well because I was very very little at the time. My mother got a phone call one night quite late and I remember her looking very very very pale. She had the neighbor come over and stay with us while she drove (very slowly I’m told) to the hospital. A truck on the highway and swerved on the icy road into my fathers car pinning him to the railings. He had only cuts, scrapes, and bruises thankfully. The police figured it was his boat of a car that saved him from worse. I can remember how scared my mom was when she got that call. When they took me to get my first car that was the kind my parents wanted me to get and its what my mother drives to this day.

  6. What a cute pup! I don’t have any winter storm stories since I grew up in Florida and there really aren’t winter storms down there.

  7. Your lovely pictures of snow make my frost look a bit lame eh? Still it’s the best I can do around here as we haven’t had snow for at least a couple of years. I will just look at yours and dream.
    No real snow storm stories obviously but I was caught on one of the islands once at the airport waiting to come home when it was announced that the wind storm was so bad we could only catch our flight if the incoming plane managed a safe landing! A few of us decided that perhaps we might stay a little longer after all!

  8. I remember once when I was young and there was enough snow to warrant a snow day. I bundled up and went out to play by myself. I played for the longest time in the wind and blowing snow, enjoying the fantasy of being in a terrible blizzard. Visibility was greatly limited, and I crawled through the drifting snow as though I were on some great journey that I might not survive. It was all very make-believe and dramatic in my mind, and great fun, too.

  9. Christmas Eve in the early 80’s a big storm blew in. My husband had a plow on his truck and on the day after Christmas he was besieged with calls from people to be plowed out. One man ask my husband to bring cigarettes for his wife. Then there was our first storm when we first moved to Colorado. My Dad worked swing shift in the Springs and a big storm blew in. My mom and I sat reading in front of the fire waiting for him to get home. In those days the pass was only one lane. She was worried, but he made it. It was a very joyous homecoming.

  10. Beautiful snow pics! It’s fun to find tracks, but funny that they led up to your window! That poor deer must be cold.
    Knitting is a good way to keep busy while Hubby is gone. Snooks looks like an excellent companion.

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