Sockdown Ravelry: BFF Socks


I finished my challenge socks for the January Sockdown Ravelry.  Fortunately, they only had to be cast on in January and not actually finished until the end of February.  I started them January 26th and finished them February 10th.


PATTERN:  BFF Socks by Cookie A.

YARN:  Koigu Premium Merino (31655)

NEEDLES:  2.25mm

This pattern was an interesting one to knit and I learned something new – how to do a cable decrease/cable increase.  I’m a little disappointed in the fit.  I initially frogged one complete sock because I used 2.5mm needles and the resulting sock was too baggy.  I thought the cause was the needle size so, accordingly, I went down to a 2.25mm and knit these two socks.  The fit is slightly better but still not great.

The pattern increases stitches after the ribbed cuff to accomodate all the cables.  It then decreases down at the heel for fewer stitches on the heel/foot.  72sts around my ankle is just too much and it causes the ankle to bag some. 

My Conclusion:  This is a nice pattern which offers three sizes.  I should have gone with the smallest size rather than the medium size.

The fit of these socks has given me cause to be concerned about the Sweetheart Socks that I wanted to knit this week………. the Sweetheart Sock requires 84 sts to be cast on with NO decreases.  I’m having second thoughts….. 

And, having a new pair of socks that do not fit well makes me want to dive into Cat Borhdi’s Sock Architecture book all the more.  I may be making a swap my pattern plans.



4 Comments on “Sockdown Ravelry: BFF Socks

  1. Those socks are really pretty. Will they shrink up a bit in the wash? I’ve never knit with Koigu, so I don’t know how it washes.

    You are doing great with your stash-busters. I might try that idea. : )

  2. The socks are lovely & I can’t tell that they are big. I have just finished 1 Back to Basics sock & it fitted perfectly – in fact it’s the best fit – do give that a try.

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