The Mum Organizes Her Schedule

The older I get the more I realize that time is a precious gift. And, the older I get the more swiftly I feel it passes.  Before I knew it I had become one of those older ladies in the grocery store smiling at young mothers and telling them, ‘Enjoy your time with your wee ones because it will be over before you know it’.  It seems like it was only yesterday that the situation was reversed and I was the one receiving those comments from older women.

Redeem the Time Sampler

Once upon a time I was fond of crosstitching historical samplers.  The nostalgia of knowing that young girls living in the 17th century learned how to use needle and thread by stitching these samplers enthralled me.  One of the earliest sampler I stitched had a saying on it that is relevant to this time of year?  The sampler says –


I know that when I spend my time wisely and efficiently the result is feeling more fulfilled and ‘balanced’ , especially when my head hits the pillow at the end of the day.  I can also enjoy the things I really want to do(like knitting of course).  The days that I wander around in circles, not seeming to accomplish much, are the days that I end up feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and irritable.

2009 Dayplanner

I’ve concluded that the unproductive days are usually the days that I don’t work from a TO DO LIST but instead try to remember all the tasks I need to accomplish by putting them in the back of my mind and trying to recall them.  I am convinced that this robs me of energy because I’m constantly trying to remember what I have to do!

The way I keep my time organized is by using a dayplanner.  I have a favorite that I’ve used through the years designed by Franklin Covey. I bought my 2009 planner today!  I graduated this year to a larger size because, for some reason, the print seems to be getting smaller 🙂

2009 Dayplanner and Knitting Bag

I’ve made an additional change in my plan this year and that is to only use one daily planner.  I’ve usually carried a smaller one in my purse while using the larger one at home.  I missed a couple appointments this year because I forgot to keep both planners updated.  So 2009 will be the year I learn to carry my planner with me everywhere! I picked out a color that matches my knitting bag, see?


  1. Gather all my TO DO Items scattered around the house on sticky notes and scraps of paper and record them in the new dayplanner.
  2. Prioritize all my TO DO tasks into 3 categories (A-today, B-this week, C-future).
  3. Schedule all my annual appointments for the next year (doctor, dentist, eye, mammogram etc.) and make sure I try to schedule them early in the day so I don’t spend too much time ‘waiting around’.
  4. Schedule UFO Thursdays on the dayplanner calender to remind me what Thursdays are all about.
  5. Make a 100 Balls of Yarn sheet for the dayplanner to keep track of yarn for this Ravelry Challenge.
  6. Schedule the Pikes Peak TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association) meetings on my planner so I may actually start attending.  I’m participating in the Master Knitting Program and plan to post about that soon.

And of course knitting will be an important addition to my new planner. I must make a needle inventory list to carry around with me so I know how to round out my collection.  And I probably out to make a few project sheets of yarn I need for future projects……….although……. I AM going to drastically reduce my stash this year…at least, that is the plan!

This way of organizing my schedule works for me but I am most curious to see what works for you!  Who knows? I just might be using YOUR method in 2010.

5 Comments on “The Mum Organizes Her Schedule

  1. Drat. I really like the look of your planner pages, but for some reason my purse seems SO heavy with a Franklin planner in it…and the phone…and the wallet…and the knitting…

  2. Ok for some strange reason when I go to make a comment about your gorgeous mittens and the Inishmaan sweater it throws me to your planner post.

    So I will just comment here: and tell you that I love them both lovely work. I got my Fishermen’s Sweater book today and one day plan to knit Inishmaan and seeing yours has really inspired me.

  3. I can *so* relate to this post ! All the way. Yes, yes, yes ! I have a little planner book, but I’ve sort of evolved into using it more as a diary of what I did , rather than what needs to be done. I am wondering if August is even a time of year that one can , or ought to run into town and buy a planner. I so want to get my head straight, and yes, I want to hit that pillow knowing I did my best today. I think depression slips in where chores become undefined and lose their sense of purpose. Either that, or because we’re depressed, we seem to lose track of what we’re doing. Menopausal women shouldn’t be allowed to run free all day in the house. 😉 Haha… I tend to waste so much time on the computer, whilst my garden wilts or the cobwebs fill out. I think I will do a planner. It’s decided. Thanks Rebecca.

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