UFO Thursday


Throughout 2009 I will be setting Thursdays aside to work on UFOs. Check it out on Ravelry, one day a week for UFOs!  The first one to receive attention is the CAT MITTEN which isn’t too large of a burden since the knitting mojo for it is still running strong.

I’ve worked on the second mitten throughout the day as I’ve done chores around the house.  I’m getting ready to snuggle under a down throw with my pooch and watch a movie so, hopefully, I will complete the rest of the mitten shy of the afterthought thumb.  The thumb will most likely be finished NEXT Thursday which means……. I will finally be getting to cast on a new project!


The NaKniMitMo Group on Ravelry is in full swing and everyone is knitting mittens all month long and I will be, too!  I’m thinking a fingerless mitt will be next on my needles.  I have several in mind and probably will not sleep a wink because of it!

8 Comments on “UFO Thursday

  1. I think I’ll have to set aside Thursday for UFOs as well. As soon as I figure out which ones they are . . .

  2. I commend your dedication and structure! The cat mitts are great, btw. Her patterns are very entertaining, IMO.

    I am currently in a sock mood. It’s been a long time since I could say that, but it’s like meeting back up with a long lost friend. LOL

  3. Those mittens are too cute – I’m in the same group on Ravelry, and do need to start back and finish up the project I have in my basket..

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