UFO Thursday


The Cat Mittens are finished and have already been worn several times.  I fretted so much over the sizing, thinking they would be too small, as I knit them but they ended up fitting my hand perfectly.  Several ladies tried them on at my LYS knitting group and they fit everyone.  So, the fretting was for naught.

Pattern: Cat Mittens by Jorid Linvik

Yarn: Louet Pearl Gems (Ginger and Black)  less than 1/2 skein of each

Needles: 2.25 for cuff and 2.5 for mitten body

I will pull out my Alcea sweater and work on her for the rest of the day/evening.  The one thing I hate (hate, hate) about having UFOs is the need to familiarize yourself with a pattern all over again.  I will have to read back through notes to figure out where I left off on Alcea since she hasn’t been touched in about five weeks…….a lesson for me…..finish UFOs, when will I learn it?  Well, I guess that is what UFO Thursday is all about – finding that knitting mojo for unfinished knits.  If it weren’t UFO Thursday I probably would just stuff Alcea back in her basket!  Next Thusday I will give an update on where she stands.

12 Comments on “UFO Thursday

  1. Very cute mittens! I’d like to knit a similar pair myself, but it’s hard to get motivated when we’re moving into our second week of temps in the mid-80’s.

  2. It is amazing even to me that I do not have any UFOs laying around or even hidden in containers under my bed or stuck back in the eaves of my attic. But I can remember a few from the past and it is definitely no fun to return to something later, especially if it has a more complex pattern….oh my! The mittens are adorable. They stir up an itch in me to make some one day.

  3. Nice job on your cat mittens and I am glad that fit. My moose mittens fit but are shorter than I like. I never have UFO’s because of the same reason you mentioned (finding my place in the pattern, needle size, etc.)

  4. Those mittens are so cute!

    If you need any outside pressure to work on it, I’m happy to bug you regularly about Alcea. 😉 I can’t wait to see it finished!

  5. The mittens are great – just beautiful! I know what you mean about picking up proejcts after you haven’t touched them in a while – so hard to figure out where you were!

  6. Love the mitts! Aren’t her patterns just the best. Good luck on the UFO goal – a worthy goal to say the least. I share your pain when it comes to refamiliarizing yourself to the project. Not Fun!

  7. yay! kitties! They are fantastic and i’m so glad they fit!!
    On to the next UFo huh! I’d like to do this ufo thursday but I only have one ufo left, I fear it will never get done if I don’t do something though.

  8. The kitty mitts are wonderful! She has such fun designs!
    My new vow is that when I start a big project, I will work on it (even if it’s just 1 row) each day so that I don’t ever forget where I am and have to go through that whole process of figuring it all out again – Alcea is GORGEOUS!

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