First Brown Bag Opened

Personal Sock Club 2009brown_bag_socks_2009

The moment has arrived to select one of the Brown Bag Socks that I packaged back in November for my 2009 Personal Sock Club.  With great anticipation I selected one of the brown bags, contents unknown to me other than knowing that it was a pattern on my ‘to-knit-someday’ list and it was yarn that I loved enough to purchase at one point in my knitting history.


I brought the brown bag up to my family room and wondered what was inside.  I told myself that, no matter what it contained, I would meet the contents with enthusiasm and determination.  I quite honestly had forgotten which socks had been packaged so I was actually excited and felt like I had just received a package from a secret pal. 


What was inside?  Thelonius, a sock designed by Cookie A.  Cookie’s patterns are challenging and well-written and this one appears to be like all the rest.  The yarn I had selected in November for this pattern is Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the geranium colorway. 

After perusing the pattern I learned that it contains a chart within a chart.  That means that I won’t be able to knit this sock and watch television at the same time, at least I won’t be able to initially.  I color coded the charts for easier reading and after I get them taped to a magnetic board I will be all set.


I think I will enjoy my 2009 Personal Sock Club.  I know I will like all the patterns and there will be no monthly deadlines to meet.  I’ll just knit socks when I feel like it instead of feeling compelled to knit them just to meet a deadline. And, I will be able to cross off several patterns I’ve wanted to knit for ages rather than having someone dictate to me a particular designer.  Hot diggity dog!  This will be fun and it is all part of the bigger plan to reduce my stash by 100 balls!


12 Comments on “First Brown Bag Opened

  1. It really is a fun idea to have your personal sock club. Thelonious is a gorgeous pattern – can’t wait to see yours.

  2. I still think this is quite possibly the most genius sock club idea ever! If only Blue Moon weren’t still sending me yarn every other month … 😉

  3. I think this is a brilliant idea. If I wasn’t doing the 12 sweaters thingy, this was on my list for this year. I was actually thinking it would also be fun to include a few sock yarns without patterns – since they make nice gloves or scarves or such – and then it’d be a free-for-all month. But maybe next year….

  4. I think it can only help when the element of surprise is included. I can’t wait to see your socks as they grow!

  5. What Fun!
    I have the Thelonius pattern too – a beautiful design, but haven’t gotten to it…yet…

  6. I’m working on my first month’s sock – it was a lot of fun to pick the bag, and it did feel like I had received it as part of a club. Your first pick is gorgeous – love the yarn, and the pattern looks very challenging! Can’t wait to see how it comes along…

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