The Novel 100

One of my great loves is reading and collecting classic literature.  I probably should have majored in Literature instead of History in college because  I enjoy analyzing what makes a book great and why some books endure the test of time while others become obsolete. 

Last year I compiled a list from the book, The Novel 100: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Time, and challenged myself to read at least twelve of these books each year.  The ones pictured in the photo are the books I have chosen for 2009.  

2009 Novel 100

I’ve also made a ‘Novel 100’ page at the top of this blog to track my progress.  As I check them off my list I will give you a little book report and perhaps you will be inspired to read them and share your thoughts with me!  Are any of thes books evoking memories, good or bad, in you that you can share with us?


4 Comments on “The Novel 100

  1. That’s quite a list! I’m surprised how many of them I’ve read (a couple of them in French, even!), but I’m even more surprised how many of them I’ve never heard of.

  2. What a delicious idea! A great way to plan to read the good books that one just doesn’t seem to get around to. I will follow your progress with interest and am considering finding a way to actually read a few of the ‘great’ books on my list.

  3. What a goal! I see many favorites in your list. Try audio books, you can knit and read at the same time.

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