Inishmaan Progress Report

We were requested by our fearless leader on the Mara Yahoo Group to give an update on the sweater we are knitting for the current KAL.  All participants are knitting a sweater from Alice Starmore’s Fisherman Knits and the one I selected is Inishmaan. 

Inishmaan Back
Inishmaan Back

I’ve been steadily knitting on her but I sure don’t think I will be able to finish her by mid-February.  I had hoped to be finishing up the back this week but I’ve only done one repeat thus far.  The front has been completed. This is a very relaxing project for me and I especially like to take it when I knit once a week with other knitsters at my LYS.

The pattern is identical on both the front and back with the exception of the central cable.  I’m not sure why the designer opted for a different cable for the back but I guess it will guarantee that I won’t wear the sweater backwards when it is completed!  I think the front cable beautiful and find the back cable just blah. The yarn is the reliable Cascade 220 in the Mossy Rock color, one of those oh-so-difficult-to-photograph colors.

You know, as I look at the photograph of the back I’m suddenly feeling a lurch in my stomach – I wonder if I remembered to go up to the larger needle size when I finished the ribbing?  Keeping my fingers crossed………..

9 Comments on “Inishmaan Progress Report

  1. You are doing a wonderful job but I know it is a struggle to finish. Here’s hoping you remembered to use the larger needles!

  2. What a beautiful fabric you have knitted up, Rebecca. I felt a sympathy lurch in my stomach as I read how you wonder if you have switched to the larger needles when you finished the ribbing. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and adding a prayer. 😉

  3. Inishmaan is looking great it makes me want to start on mine but I mustn’t yet. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too that you’ve changed needles after the ribbing.

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