Master Knitting Program ~ Level 1, Swatches 1-3

Last October I became a member of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) so that I could enroll in the Master Knitting Program.  This non-competitve achievement program has three levels of skill and you must complete each level in order to graduate to the next. The program is made up of sample swatches to knit, questions to answer and a research project.  After you have completed all the assignments your work is submitted to a Master Knitting Committee for review.  The committee checks over your work and returns swatches to you that may have been knit incorrectly and offers constructive criticism.  Ideally, you will not have to reknit anything. If everything is up to speed then you will graduate and can enroll in the next level.


A quest for knowledge is part of my personality and because of this I will most likely be a student for life.  This quest is what makes the Master Knitting Program very appealing to me, right up my alley. But, as I’ve talked to other knitters and told them about the program I’ve had a variety of reactions.  A few thought it great idea and a worthwhile pursuit.  Many thought it ridiculous to have a ‘committee’ evaluate your work. And still others thought it a worthwhile pursuit but were content to find the answers whenever they encountered a problem and didn’t see the need to go through a ‘program’ and put forth the hard work it will take to complete.

Okay, so what is up with those pink swatches with tags?  The first three swatches were to test your ability to knit ribbing, garter, stockinette and seed stitch with an even tension.  I also had to place some increases after the ribbing evenly and without interfering with the ribbing pattern.  I hope thes swatches pass the test.  

Next up – working on increases.

6 Comments on “Master Knitting Program ~ Level 1, Swatches 1-3

  1. Your swatches look perfect! I think this is a very worthwhile endeavor. I’ve met a couple of people who have done this. Both were already good knitters, and thought that the program really improved their skills. There’s a Ravelry group for TKGA, if you haven’t already found it.

  2. I’ve thought about doing this program, but frankly I just can’t justify the expense, especially as there’s not much you can get from completing it other than intrinsic value. That said, I admire you for doing it! (Perhaps later in life I’ll reevalute things and decide it’s time for me to do it, too.)

    Those swatches look positively perfect!

  3. i’ve read about this and would like to do it myself someday. You’ll cruise through level one no doubt. Level too has colourwork in it, i’m still chicken about trying it so I guess i’ll stay where I am for a while longer 🙂

  4. I will love to do a program like this. I am sure you will be able to do well as your swatches look great.

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